The Primacy of God in the Ancient Assyrian Culture

6/22/2005 1:19:04 PM

It's become almost frequent to pick on the Assyrian (Ashurian) culture and nation. Misled people around the world have been led to believe that Assyrians were pagans, idol-worshippers, and barbarians. Traditionally, this view has been spread by the Western/European nations and also by hardcore nationalist Jews. While the Assyrians love the Jews as their children (for Abraham left from Ur in Assyria, now modern-day Iraq), nationalist Jews have unfortunately found it as a benefit to themselves to put down the fact of primacy of Assyrians as the "first" for many things. Fortunately, there exist educated and warm-hearted Jews today who work toward the preservation of Assyrian artifacts, history, and livelihood in order to fulfill their and our God's will as laid out in the end of Isaiah Chapter 19 and their duty as children of the land of Assyria.

While efforts have been made, it has not completely stopped the Western world from making its attack on Assyrians and attempting to blot out their name. Tablets containing vast amounts of information such as the tablets of the Ashur Banipal Library have been taken and hidden, some possibly stolen and destroyed for containing facts and truths that Western society does not wish to reveal to its constituents. Such facts include the vast strides made by Assyrians in various fields such as language, philosophy, mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, engineering and architecture, faith and religion, and many other things. What's been especially made to be hidden has been the astounding progress Assyrians made in all these aforementioned fields, and how they did it all better and much before the Westerners, even teaching the Westerners in their schools and sending them back for the sake of the advancement of society as a whole.

One of these areas was faith and religion. While in Yaphetic (European) cultures it was common to worship idols and the earth, it was not a practice found among many Semitic peoples. Semitic culture has tradionally been monotheistic. Unfortunately, labels of being pagans have not stopped being given to Assyrians by mislead, miseducated, or intentionally misleading Westerners although Assyrians were in fact, the first nation to worship the one and only God. Literally countless pieces of evidence exist for this. This article will deal with one specific piece of evidence purportedly featured in an issue of Time Magazine. This is evidence that the Assyrians were NEVER pagans, nor idol-worshippers, nor believers of any other gods but God. This evidence comes from a tablet dating to the 7th Century B.C.:

"The ancient Assyrians worshipped one God as we do today. In order to emphasize this point, one must read and appreciate this prayer of Ashur Banipal, the Grand High-Priest, Emperor of Assyria, and the Pontif of Nineveh, in the 7th Century B.C.:"

'O Father of all creations, who watches over all beings.

O Lord who determines the orbits of heavens and earth.

Whose command is not set aside.

Who holds fire and water, and guides all souls.

What god reaches thy perfection?

Who is glorified in heaven? Thou alone art glorified.

Who is exalted on earth? Thou alone art exalted.

Thy word proclaimed in heaven, angels prostrate themselves.

Thy word proclaimed on earth, the oracles kiss the ground.

Thy word blows like a storm in the sky, food and drink flows.

Thy word settles down upon the earth, vegetation grows up.

Thy word spreads over the flock and cattle, life increases.

Thy word, who can comprehend it?

Who is like unto thee O Lord? There is none, but Thee.

Supreme in heaven, Supreme on earth.

O lord of the exalted high ones,

Thy word has no rival, thy divinity is beyond compare.'"

And so it is written. This can be added onto the facts that (just to name a few):

  • The Magi who predicted the coming of the Messiah and travelled to see the baby Jesus were Assyrian.
  • The Prophet Abraham was Assyrian and from Assyria (specifically, the city known as Ur).
  • The Prophet Abraham's children married women from Assyria.
  • Assyrians repented at the coming of the Prophet Jonah (how could they so quickly if they didn't believe in God?).
  • God mentioned the Assyrians as his chosen tool, weapon, and blessed people (Old Testament Book of Isaiah Chapter 19)

Perhaps one day the world will wake up to this tragedy being committed against the Assyrians. It is not a matter of boasting, but one of truth. It is important that all such artifacts, tablets, and national treasures of the Assyrian nation be found, carefully preserved and returned to their rightful home of Assyria and in the hands of a carefully chosen body of Assyrians who shall ensure their safety and keeping in a museum. It is imperative that this be done in order to ensure that the knowledge discovered in the past be not forgotton, for history is many times our guide for the future.