A Bloody Papal Eastern Gift

The emphasis on the story of Pope Benedict XVI baptizing a Muslim convert is all around the place. The news will soon reach the Muslim countries, and it will start a promotional season of genocide for the Christian communities that live in the Middle East, especially in Northern Iraq.

While Catholic news agencies are clapping and calling Pope’s act "holy", and while perhaps some Catholic ladies “would lift up their hands and let them fall helplessly in their laps, and ‘wall’ their eyes, and shake their heads, as much as to say, ‘Words cannot express it; it is too beautiful, too beautiful for this mortal earth.’”, I see it differently because of my Middle Eastern Christian perspective.

Couple days ago, a Catholic bishop, Bishop Paulos Faraj Raho was killed in Iraq. In a press release killers clearly expressed their disgust in seeing Iraqi Catholics getting their lead from Vatican [1]. Thus, what Pope Benedict did recently is in fact jeopardizing the lives of Iraqi Christians in general and Catholics/Chaldeans (Catholic Assyrians) in particular.

We have already paid a heavy price for Pope’s speech in 2006. Pope’s September 12, 2006 speech at University of Regensburg in which he quoted the 14th Century Byzantine Emperor Manuel II Paleologos: “Show me just what Mohammed brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman…”, only produced more enraged Muslims, and the wounds it left for Iraqi Christians haven’t healed yet. Many Christian clergies and lay people have been killed since, and thousands of them have fled the county into Syria and Jordan. Does Pope care at all?

On one hand Vatican firmly disagrees with proposed plan of a safe heaven for Assyrian Christians in their ancestral homeland, Assyria (Northern Iraq) [2], on the other hand, almost every year, Pope's deliberate irresponsible doings instigates the Muslim nations.

Vatican’s anti-Semitism is a well-known policy; therefore, we, the Assyrians, being Semitic people perfectly understand what Vatican does. But in the meantime, we would like to remind this odd Pope that, “Iraqi Chaldeans are your good-old-Catholics to the point they even deny their true Assyrian identity, and they know themselves to be Arab Christians. Pope, please do not endanger them, at least.”

We do not appreciate what would be a bloody Papal Eastern gift for us.

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