Amtekcenter Provides Low Cost Internet for U.S. and Canada

3/2/2008 3:12:00 PM

What if we tell you that you could save up to $600 on the Internet cost? What if we tell you you could access the Internet anytime, anywhere, and as secure as you want it? What if we tell you there is no annual contract to sign? And more interestingly, who could believe that for only $5 dollars a month you could access to cyberspace?

Amtekcenter Company of Los Gatos, CA under the leadership of Sharrukin Amiri provides fast speed dial-up connections for over 15,000 cities in United States and Canada. The speed provided is up to eight times faster than regular dial-up connections which makes it great for exploring the web, reading e-mails, chatting and so on.

The highlights of the service would be its low cost and ease of use. Basically, you purchase a connection card same as the most commonly used telephone calling cards, and that's it, you are connected to Internet the moment you enter the card number into the World Dialer™ software. Your provider provides the software for free.

Amtekcenter has taken different approach by provided card-based Internet connections. Currently, the company offers cards for:

One Week$2.00
One Month$5.00
1500 Minutes$10.00
One Year$60.00

Amtekcenter makes it a great bargain for whoever wants to save money or has a limited budget to spend on the net. AssyriaTimes suggests using Amtekcenter's Internet cards, especially, to the Assyrian refugees to United States at their arrival.

Potential customers could use the service for one month trial period for free.

To purchase your card and get on the Internet instantly, visit, or contact the sales persons at (408) 884-1534 in U.S. or (514) 907-2964 in Canada.