An Open Message from Nainawa's Notables, Sheikhs and Scholars

9/25/2005 4:25:11 PM

"Everyone, who is not Arab, including Yezidis, Assyrians and Shabaks, has been considered Kurdish, by force."

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

A memorandum from the notables, sheikhs and scholars of Nainawa province to the United Nations' Secretary-General, the Arab League's Secretary-General, the Secretary-General of the organization of Islamic countries, presidents and kings of Arab and Islamic countries, and all humanitarian and human rights organizations.

Due to the hard circumstances witnessed by our country and people in Iraq, in general, and Nainawa province, in specific, a number of notables and clan chiefs of Nainawa province have met to discuss the tragic situations of the province residents, under the negligence and absence of legislative, executive, security and military institutions, which have converted to a tool, not for serving the province residents but for torturing them and adding more tragedies for them. After discussing the matter, they have decided to submit the following memorandum, hoping to find someone who would respond to this call, protect this Arab Islamic city and assist our people in Nainawa province.

  1. We demand for an international investigation committee, in addition to an Iraqi investigation committee consisting of scholars, sheikhs and notables of Iraqi clans from the center and south of Iraq, to investigate on the crimes committed by the American occupation forces, assisted by members of the interior ministry's commandos and the National Guard, especially the sectarian crimes and the rape crimes against Iraqi women, which is considered as a serious unprecedented incident in Iraq. The government is involved in all these crimes, under the absence of the press, especially after the murder and kidnap operations of journalists on behalf of the occupation mercenaries and after marginalizing and terrorizing the transmission news media channels and the Arab and international news media from covering what is happening in Iraq, so as to slaughter the Iraqi people without witnesses.
  2. While we introduce the international public opinion, international and human rights organizations to the reality of what is happening in Tala'far of excessive use of force and use of internationally prohibited weapons of poisonous gases, and cluster, microwave burning, and napalm bombs, we are demanding for the autopsy of the corpses of our sons, who have fallen during the barbarian attack against Tala'far, on behalf of international medical organizations to verify the reality of our claims and to disclose the non-humanitarian practices of the American occupation forces and the mercenary militias, participating in the Tala'far massacre.
  3. Out of our responsibility, we are drawing attention to the seriousness of the current racial purification campaign in Tala'far, on the left side of Al Musel city and the villages surrounding it, which are executed on behalf of the Peshmerga militias from Kurdish parties, and Badr Corps "working as regular forces for the National Guard". This is accompanied with the silence of the Iraqi government, as Sunni houses, in specific, are being destroyed in Tala'far city, after the detention of men, the oppressive expel of women and children, and under the threats of murder and rape.
  4. We demand for stopping the organized detention campaign against Sunnis, as 50-100 persons of sheikhs, professors and residents of the province are being arrested, to be released after few days, upon receiving bribes. This has disclosed the meanness of those in charge of detention, and the objective of weakening and frustrating the spirits of the province residents.
  5. We demand for prosecuting the defense and interior ministers for what they have committed against our people in Tala'far and Al Musel of crimes against humanity. We also hold the government as responsible for the physical liquidations and bloody massacres, which took place in Tala'far city and the extreme cruelty against civilians; Arab Sunnis and Turkmen.
  6. We are also demanding for discharging Dereid Kashmula, Nainawa governor, who is incapable of doing anything for assisting the province residents, his silence towards all the assassinations and detention on behalf of the Kurdish gangs and Badr forces against the residents and notables of the province and for his disability and silence with regard to stopping the Kurdish expansion from including all villages of the province. Kurdish gangs have appointed themselves as responsible for controlling all cities, villages and districts surrounding Al Musel. Everyone, who is not Arab, including Yezidis, Assyrians and Shabaks, has been considered Kurdish, by force. Two officials from two parties have been appointed in charge of these villages. Iraqi flags have been lowered to raise Kurdish flags instead. Kurdish militias have even occupied the left part of Al Musel city itself. Moreover, they lowered Iraqi flags to raise Kurdistani flags. The governor has not take any actions, as the (Kurdish) governor assistant, called Khisro Kulani, is the one governing the province. Kulani is the one responsible for all the operations of physical liquidation and assassinations against clergymen and the province residents, sheikhs and professors. Al Musel residents all know that he is the one responsible for the assassination of the former governor Dr. Osama Yousef Kashmula, for his standing against the Kurdish expansion.
  7. While we draw attention to the seriousness of the security conditions in the province, in general, and in Tala'far city, in specific, we hold the parties' militias, which are working as regular forces for the National Guard, represented by the Wolf and Thunder regiments, etc., as responsible for the last sectarian acceleration. In addition to the random detention, the inhuman treatment and violations against the rights of citizens and stealing their property, the shouts of these militias at entering the cities of the province were "Al Hussein Army came to you to break the necks of Sunnis", which is a simple indication for the sectarianism and grudges of these groups, which are unprecedented on behalf of Iraqis; Sunnis and Shiaas. They also represent another clear indication for the treason of these parties coming to the Iraqi people from beyond the borders.
  8. We demand for withdrawing all militias and all armed phases from Al Musel city, where these militias have set checkpoints, distributed weapons to young members of the militia for terrorizing Al Musel residents and intersected the roads as they pleased. The governor does not take any actions and is even the last to know. Kurdish flags have been raised over buildings to impose the reality, as if we are in a country other than Iraq. Despite our faith that all Iraqi cities are for all Iraqis, everyone knows that Al Musel has been an Arab city for a long time. As regards for the residents on the left side; our Kurdish sons and brothers, they are immigrants who have immigrated due to the hard conditions witnessed by their regions during the past years. Al Musel residents have opened their arms and embraced their brothers, not to Kurdicize their city but out of their faith in the unity of this country and destiny. Meanwhile, Iraqi Arabs are deprived from purchase, or construction or investment in northern regions. There is even a disturbance campaign against non-Kurdish travelers to the north of Iraq. We condemn the ultimate blackout and silence on behalf of the international and human rights' institutions, with regard to what happened and is still taking place in Tala'far and Al Musel. We are condemning the ultimate blackout and silence on behalf of the Arab transmission news media channels, with regard to what happened and is still taking place in Tala'far and Al Musel. We are condemning the Arab, Islamic and global silence with regard to the use of mass destruction weapons against our people in Tala'far. We are calling for an international investigation committee, similar to the investigation committee of the late Al Hariri. Doesn't the blood of Iraqis in Tala'far deserve investigation?

Peace, and the mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you

Council of the notables, sheikhs and scholars of Nainawa province