3/1/2009 1:32:00 PM
Assrian actor Matthew David with Assyrian flag tattoo on his arm.

Matthew decided to pursue an acting career while studying at the University of Michigan-Flint where he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2001. While at the university, Matthew played the lead in many of the student productions including the character of Tom Joad in The Grapes of Wrath and Stanley Kowalski in A Streetcar Named Desire, just to name a few.

After graduating, Matthew studied at the prestigious Lee Strasberg Institute in New York City for a year where he was able to participate in regional theater. He worked in California for three years doing TV and film work before he decided to go back home to Michigan and continue his work in the theater.

Before his current role, Matthew played Elliot in a Jeff Daniels original play, Apartment 3A. He is scheduled to continue his work at the Purple Rose Theatre this spring with a role in a new original production called Bleeding Red. Matthew began his work at the theater in 2008 in the production of Growing Pretty.

Currently, wearing a beautiful Assyrian tattoo on his arm, Matthew is enjoying his work at the Purple Rose and is very proud to be able to show off his Assyrian heritage every night as Stanley Kowalski in the classic American play by Tenesee Williams, A Streetcar Named Desire.

The handsome young Assyrian actor, Matthew David, is the son of Deacon Rowil and Rosemarie David of Grand Blanc, Michigan. His talented acting in theater draws thousands of fans to the Purple Rose Theater in Chelsea, Michigan.

With his outstanding acting talents, and commitment to excel in his career, Matthew's goal is to continue work in theater and films.