Appearance of A Young Assyrian Actress in Iran

6/29/2006 1:10:00 AM

Emita Babazadeh, 13 years old Assyrian young lady, is an Iranian actress and has played in three movies and a TV series. It would be considered a positive point for a closed society that Iran is to welcome an Assyrian minority in country’s media.

Emita, so far, has had a role in “A Flower for Maria”, “The Chant”, “The Strange Time”, and the most controversial of all, “I’m not Bin Laden” directed by Ahmad Talebi Nejad.

Talebi Nejad lately regretfully announced on Iranian media, “I have made a mistake by choosing such title for the movie.” And he added, “I should not have had used Mr. Bin Laden’s name, therefore, I apologize to Mr. Bin Laden.”

However, the movie that was targeted for kids and youth sold 950,000,000 rials. It narrates a story of an Afghani immigrant who does not hold Iranian residency papers. He runs away from the police force, enters a school, and takes some students hostage.

IRNA has published an article on June 6th, 2006, where Assyrian MP, Mr. Younatan Bet-Kolia says "The propaganda of the West on violation of the minorities rights in Iran are illusive claims."

We are proud of Emita and pray for her success with her hard work.