Ashur Unites… Ashur the Capable

8/13/2005 6:44:28 AM

When the subjects and stands cram together, when there’s much talk about the nation, nationality and how to define them, when the search for the truth thrives, and many claims come to existence with different facets and masks, then we ask where to seek arbitration? What’s the criterion? To which definition of the truth, nation and nationality should we adhere to? Then we wonder… And wonder…!!

Despite all this, every one presents their suggestions and say what’s on their mind without highlighting the situation… If we were to have a definition for the truth, rights, nation and nationality, what shall we say?? What’s the definition?? And if we were to have a definition for belonging to this nation what shall we say?

Are we going to agree on one definition by word and deed? Some of us through experience see that stands are tactics, even if these stands and this performance may be a strike against the nationality and the nation, for some unworthy interests… Some of us put the nation’s interest above that of a denomination, sect or faction… Some others for power would say that the end justifies the means… While others want their definition for national truth and nation to be in accordance with some leftist values and understandings which aren’t related to the facts of our history, culture and the truth about us…

Some of us want this definition to be in equilibrium with their incredible financial means through which they try to write a definition for the nation and nationality… Some of us say that they want unity but their actions are to disperse and disintegrate smelling of narrow personal interests, far from any unifying spirit of national thought, while they further sink into the dark maze of selfishness and partisanship not seeing in the methods of their teachers except the motto, and they have nothing to do with carrying out the work which is needed for unity and unification to be the nation’s backbone… Many others amongst us define the nation, rights and nationality depending on their mood… For clarification, a definition isn’t a motto and a title but rather is the true movement, interaction and performance… As I believe in the inevitability of this nation, and even with all the setbacks, I’m not a pessimist in regards to the future, neither in what concerns the truth or rights nor in what concerns the nation... May be I would be asked why I’m not a pessimist?

The answer is simple without hypocrisy, without sectarianism, without Kurdification or leftist thought, neither a money monster nor factional or sick partisan interests. The answer is in a real formulation in defining nationalism, nation, and belonging through performance and practice within the established affirmations by preserving my national rights, nationalism and protecting the nation by preserving the principles, dignity and protecting the nation and its children…

At present our nation is in danger, our people are in a state of bewilderment and some are in a state of raving comedies, the land is an open space to be appropriated while usurpation is going on and collaborators are many, so what shall this period’s title and affirmations be??? What shall the definition and title be? How is the performance going to be??? Are we going to lead the Assyrian individual from the state of frustration to despair, or shall we call for gallantry away from hypocrisy…? Shall we submit and kneel before every threat? Or shall we face them with a believer’s will and challenge…? Shall we give up…? Or shall we persist…? Shall we unite or disperse…?

Are we going to distance ourselves away from our factional and partisan interests putting the nation’s interest above every thing else? Or shall we regress and worship money…?

The definition is very simple… That is to answer back for all that we see, hear and suffer from… The answer is the united Assyrian action in the essence of the Assyrian thought and that of the Cradle of Civilization’s culture in all its forms and all available means… In order to face those who are endeavoring to exclude us and falsify our history in order to obliterate our national identity, so that to deny our rights in our lands, the lands of the forefathers, the land of Ashur.