Assyrian Iranian Painter, Hannibal Alkhas Dies

9/15/2010 6:44:00 PM
Hannibal Alkhas

After a long battle with cancer, veteran Iranian painter, art critic and translator, Hannibal Alkhas has passed away at the age of 80 in the US.

The Assyrian artist, known as the forerunner of Figurative painting in Iran, died in California on Sept. 14, 2010.

Alkhas who was born and raised in the western Iranian city of Kermanshah, moved to the US in 1951 and studied philosophy for three years at Loyola University of Chicago, Illinois.

PressTV -- He continued his studies at the Art Institute of Chicago where he earned his Bachelor and Master's degrees in Fine Art.

Alkhas returned to Iran in 1959 and established Gilgamesh Gallery, the country's first modern art gallery.

He taught art at the Illinois Monticello Collage, Tehran University, Assyrian Civic Club of Turluck, the University of California at Berkeley and Los Angeles and Iran's Azad University.

His work is deeply inspired by the ancient bas-reliefs and stone sculptures of ancient Assyria, Babylon and Daric-Persia.

Alkhas has held numerous domestic and international exhibitions and a number of his paintings hang in the Museum of Fine Arts and the Gallery of Modern Arts in Tehran.

Human emotions such as love and hate, the exotic and the mundane, victory and defeat, hope and despair, pride and weakness are the subjects he shows in his works mixing them with universal notions of birth, death, hunger, war and peace.

Alkhas has also created book illustrations, written poems and translated many poems to and from Assyrian. His works have been displayed in numerous exhibitions in Iran, Europe, Canada, Australia and the US.