Assyrian National Assembly Condemns Jalal Talabani

5/1/2006 11:53:10 PM

No Talabani… The Assyrians are one root of Iraq’s roots

O!!! Assyrian people,

In a clear provocation which isn’t new to the Assyrian nation which has reached a degree of belittling us, denying our existence as a living nation, and the legitimate inheritors to our beloved North of Iraq, the Occupied Land of Assyria (Ashur) by the foreigners and aliens to Iraq, in the shadows of false American promises of establishing a democratic system and a society where civic and civilized contemporary values would prevail, the so-called new president of Iraq went to the extreme when he took the podium addressing the parliament on the occasion of his election to the presidency for an Iraq without Iraqi roots through a constitution which legitimizes for the occupier the usurpation, forced fleeing, intimidation, false representation and forgery, when he mentioned all the Iraqi ethnic and sectarian components overlooking to mention the roots of Iraq, the Assyrian nationality, stripping off the Assyrian identity and the ownership of the Assyrians for their lands in Occupied Assyria (Ashur) mentioning them as Christians only, paving the path to eradicate the Assyrian nation, the legitimate owner of our beloved North of Iraq, the land of Ashur.

We the sons and daughters of the Assyrian nation say to the new Iraqi president, by the power of occupation, Iraq will not be the Iraq which is known as the Cradle of Civilizations, without its Assyrian civilization, Ashur the land, history, language and culture, which were left by the makers of civilization, the Assyrian forefathers in particular to their inheritors today’s Assyrians and in general to all of Iraq.

We will repeat and say again what we had said months back…

No… To the constitution which made you a president.

No… To your Occupation of the Assyrian lands in the land of Ashur the North of Iraq because you are the head of one of the Kurdish parties… The Kurdish Patriotic Union, the partner with the other Kurdish parties in occupying the Assyrian lands, scaring and intimidating the Assyrian people through a pursued policy.

Therefore from this point we hold you responsible from now on for the fate and future of the Assyrian people on their land Ashur, the North of Iraq.


The Homeland and Diaspora Bureaus

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