Assyrian National Referendum Condemns President Talabani

4/28/2006 6:41:38 AM
Assyrian National Referendum

On behalf of hundreds of thousands of Assyrians around the world, the Assyrian National Referendum (ANR) condemns President Jalal Talabani for deliberately not recognizing Assyrians, the indigenous people of Iraq, in his presidential speech on April 22, 2006.

The Assyrian people have every reason to believe Mr. Talabani did not just forget to mention the Assyrians when he remembered every possible ethnicity of Iraq. As a Kurdish leader, Talabani has done his best in the past to undermine the national and political rights of the Assyrians. His Kurdish people have invaded the Assyrian villages in Northern Iraq. His pishmarga militia blocked the Assyrians’ votes, arrested and tortured those who opposed this despicable act. How does a construction crew leader recognize the importance of the guests of a house in constructing the house, but fails to mention the original owners of the house?

By employing and supporting one of the several Assyrian political parties, the Assyrian Democratic Movement (ADM), also known as Zowaa, headed by a high rank Baath member, Younadam Kanna, Talabani has lost his credibility as a true politician among the Assyrians and some other ethnics in Iraq who faced the same Kurdish policy since the fall of Saddam. The Kurdish Parliament has built its power by the millions of dollars from the oil for food program. Funds which for some reason never reached the Assyrian Christians.

In fact, the Assyrians have fled Northern Iraq in larger numbers in the past three years than ever before. One must ask why would the true descendents of the ancient Assyria “Cradle of Civilization” who survived invasion of Persians, Mongolians, Arabs, Ottomans, and later on Kurds choose to migrate from their forefather’s land now? What force is pushing them out of their ancient homeland in the 21st century? Certainly not the so called peaceful area of Northern Iraq.

Hundreds of thousands of Assyrians in 39 countries around the world (all continents), became mobilized in March 2005 and participated in a national project, the Assyrian National Referendum, to show the world, the United Nations, The coalition forces and especially, the government of Iraq that Assyrians still exist and are not a nation of the past, unlike what Talabani has tried to communicate. Beware, Mr. Talabani, Assyrians, although dispersed around the globe due to numerous genocides and massacres by their invader neighbors, are still alive and well aware of your criminal intentions against their national identity.

By omitting the Assyrians, Mr. Talabani, you will not deny our nation’s existence. The land you walk on is the Assyrian land. The air you breathe in is entwined with the breath of our Assyrian forefathers whose contribution to the world is undeniable. A short search to find the root of anything on this earth directs you to the Assyrians. The greenery you enjoy is the Garden of Eden, the first and eternal home of the Assyrian people. A little dig in your backyard and you will discover a piece of Assyrian artifact. Under which brand of democracy an occupier or an invader becomes the owner of the house and buries its owners alive?

We succeeded once with finally having the constitution of Iraq recognize the indigenous Assyrians as an official ethnic of Iraq despite the efforts of Mr.Talabani and his puppet, the holder of the Christian seat in parliament, Mr. Kanna. Thousands of Assyrians in Iraq risked their lives leaving the security of their homes to complete the Assyrian National Referendum forms. All those sacrifices were not made so you, as the President of the country can deny their existence, or to recognize them by their Christian religion only.

If people of Iraq were recognized by their religions only, there would not have been any seats in the parliament for Kurds! It would be an even graver mistake on your part to think by holding the Assyrians to their death, they will agree to a fever. Another word, by denying their existence as an ethnic, you are hoping that they will finally agree with the comical combined religious denominational name you have tried to impose on them in the past three years.

Mr. Talabani is the first president in the world history that committed a crime within a few moments of achieving presidency. The crime is called ethnocide.

The Assyrian National Referendum committee, along with its 26 sub-committees worldwide joins the Assyrian National Congress in a campaign to demand an official apology from President Talabani. Assyrians did not survive over 7000 years of history to be disregarded by Talabani. If or when the time comes, Mr. Talabani will be judged in a court of law. The poetic justice is those laws were invented by an Assyrian King, Hammurabi.

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