Assyrian National Referendum in Iraq

4/27/2005 7:23:53 AM

Assyrians, the indigenous people of Iraq have established many committees within Iraq to launch the Assyrian National Referendum in just a few short days.

These committees have developed plans to reach every city, town, or village where the Assyrians live. The objectives of this national Referendum are to request:

  1. 1. A united, democratic, pluralistic, and parliamentary Iraq.
  2. 2. Constitutional recognition of the historical and national name of the Assyrians.
  3. 3. Constitutional recognition of the Assyrians (Chaldeans, Souryans & Athuryeen) national rights in Iraq.

The Assyrian National Referendum in Diaspora was launched in the United States and all other countries around the world on March 19, 2005 via the AssyriaSat. This National Referendum will benefit all the Assyrian organizations, political parties, church denominations, and the Assyrian societies globally. The Assyrian National Referendum will also accomplish a much needed census of the Assyrian population in Iraq and Diaspora. You may access the Referendum forms in various languages known to the Assyrian people around the world at:

Deadline of the Referendum is aligned with the deadline of the New Iraqi Constitution, August 15, 2005.