Assyrian National Referendum Updates

5/25/2005 3:59:20 AM
Assyrian National Referendum

As the number of participants in the Assyrian National Referendum increases rapidly, so does the number of questions, concerns, and yes, even rumors!

News from Iraq indicates a great possibility that the Iraqi Constitution deadline will be extended, and as a result, so will the deadline for the Assyrian Referendum. Regular updates will be posted to keep everyone informed in regards to the process and progress of this great national project.

So far, we have received completed referendum forms from 31 countries. Despite some challenges, we continuously receive completed Referendum forms by Assyrians of different denominations.

A number of religious figures from the Assyrian Church of the East (Old and New Calendar), Maronite, and Syrian Churches have started encouraging their members to participate in the Referendum. The Assyrian members of the Catholic Church have taken upon themselves to gather names and not wait for an official go ahead from their religious leaders. We have even started receiving forms completed by Sabeans and Mandaeans who identify themselves as Assyrians.

The Assyrian National Referendum is snow balling in a rapid speed. We strongly encourage every Assyrian individual to make sure their family and friends have access to the forms and complete them.

Most of our elderly do not have access to the Internet. We are pleading to those Assyrians who do have access, to pass the updates along and make sure that dear part of our population is not left behind. Make sure they are not cheated and emotionally abused by those few, whose lack of true love for Assyria and Assyrians drives them to start rumors.

Intimidating elderly in the United States is considered abuse and offenders will face the Adult Protective Services authorities, and can, and will be prosecuted. Using public media such as Radio programs to spread the intimidation just adds to the weight of that crime! So, please make sure your elderly family members and relatives know that there is absolutely no risk involved in completing the Referendum form. Participation in the Referendum is in no way, shape, or form relevant to the benefits they may be receiving from the government. Same applies to undocumented aliens who have been intimidated by rumors such as the possibility of deportation if they don’t have a legal immigration status in the U.S. or other countries. Such lies and rumors aim to create fear and keep the Assyrians from demanding their rights.

The Assyrian National Referendum Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) is periodically updated on Bet-Nahrain's web site.

We advise those of you who have taken the great task of helping the Referendum, to always have a copy of the FAQ with you so you can answer people’s questions accurately.

God bless the great Assyrian nation