Assyrian National Referendum

3/31/2005 3:24:39 PM

How often does the world witness an ancient nation rise from its remnants, shake off centuries old dust of helplessness, and claim its legitimate stand among the nations?

These direct descendents of the Ancient Assyrian Empire, known as the “Cradle of Civilization” by the historians and scholars, set the records thousands of years ago. No nation has yet been identified to have contributed to the human race as much as the Assyrian nation has.

Assyrian nation is on the rise again! After years of oppression, this ancient people are going to set yet another record. Hundreds of thousands of Assyrian people around the world are participating in this referendum to demand their national and historical rights in their homeland, Assyria, currently known as Iraq. The unity we have always strived for is in action, when all Assyrians are making their voice heard.

With the impressive outcome of this referendum, the United Nations and the world governments can no longer turn the deaf ear and deny the Assyrian people their rightful place in their homeland. In just a few short months, this indigenous people of Iraq will be granted not only their historical, national, political, cultural, and religious rights in the New Iraqi Constitution, but they will also be granted over due compensation for all the life and property loss they have suffered for the past few centuries.

There is no Mr. Schindler to put us on his list and save us from massacres and genocides like our cousins, the Jews had at the time of Hitler’s ruling. Therefore, we will create our own list of people who deserve a safe haven.