Assyrians of Georgia Meet President George W. Bush

5/16/2005 7:54:59 PM
Assyrians of Georgia meet President George W. Bush

Bitbunov: "Nowadays American forces are on Assyrian soil in Iraq. Of course, we aren't indifferent to the fortune of assyrians in Iraq. What's their future like? What can you say about it?"

President Bush's: "We consider that every nation is equally responsible to find its own way to develop and achieve its own objectives. Assyrians are equal in right to any other people living in Iraq these days. Assyrians and other nations in Iraq first of all should change their way of thinking, should act more persistently, resolutely and bravery to achieve their own objectives and principles. All these are in their hands. The USA always stands for, defends, and supports people fighting for justice, freedom, independence and democracy."

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On behalf of the Assyrian people living in Georgia we appeal to the president of the United States of America George Bush.

First of all we want to express our esteem to you as the president of the mighty country that fights for the democracy all over the world and stands as a guarantee of democratic liberties and rights of the oppressed peoples who fight for freedom and independence.

With a heavy heart we watch the situation in Iraq that was freed from the dictatorial regime of Saddam Hussein.

Besides during the war many historical monuments and museums were plundered, these days the interests and rights of the Christian Assyrians are infringed by the government of Iraq and Kurdish Autonomy. This oppression is expressed by violence, murdering people, blowing up churches. The Christian Assyrians in Iraq are victimized from their homes and are deprived of civil rights and votes. We know that we have lack of unity and have no leader to carry on a dialogue. But, in spite of that, we ask you to help in fundation of Autonomous region in Nineveh Plain within the bounds of unite federal Iraq, equally with other peoples living in Iraq.

The Autonomous region should become a guarantee of self-preservation and development of the history, culture and religion of the nation that made a great contribution to the development of the world civilization.

We hope for your help and believe that the authority of the USA will support and promote the solution of this question.

We thank you beforehand.

God bless our nations!

With great esteem.

The Assyrian International Congress of Georgia