Assyrians Worried about Educational Problems

4/29/2005 8:09:00 AM

(A1Plus: Armenia) Today there are 4000 Assyrians in Armenia. According to Razmik Khosroev, member of the National Minorities Council attached to the RA President, today the most urgent problem for the Assyrians is that of education. According to him, a school textbook in Assyrian was published 15 year ago, and the pupils have to get education in Russian.

The Assyrian schools are closed because of the reduction of cumber of classes. According to Mr. Khosroev, the reasons of the above mentioned problems are the shortcomings of the educational system in Armenia. “If it weren’t for the law that there must be at least 20 pupils in a class, there would be more classes in our schools and henceforth the schools would not be closed”.