AssyriaSat Confronts the Catholic News Agency

6/20/2008 12:10:00 AM

To: Catholic News Agency

The Assyrian Global Television Network, AssyriaSat, finds your article tilted, “Assyrian bishop explains his journey into communion with the Catholic Church”, published on June 5, 2008 very tasteless and offensive.

As a media, we believe that integrity-based journalism is a must, especially for a religious magazine such as CNA. There has been a whole lot of misrepresentation of facts in regards to the Holy Apostolic Catholic Assyrian Church of the East (ACOE) and the expulsion of ex-bishop Bawai Soro in various Catholic news magazines. This relaxed standard undermines journalism's integrity, the reader’s intelligence and the integrity of the publication on the whole.

Ex-bishop Bawai Soro, aka, Ashur B. Soro, was defrocked in 2005 for misappropriation of church funds and fraudulent conversion of the titles of the church properties he held in his trust during his employment with the ACOE to his own sole corporation. The ACOE court case against Soro was so strong and solid that the Santa Clara Superior Court judge found it unnecessary to go to a trial and granted ACOE a Summary Judgment in October 2007. Perhaps your investigative reporters could look into this case in dept for future reference.

It really struck us that ex-bishop Soro would be so blatantly shameless about something so incredibly disgraceful in the eyes of law-abiding citizens and anyone with the slightest taste for decent journalism. The way Catholic media have chosen to present a proven thief is troublesome at best. And the fact that he would even appear somewhere near a symbol of Christianity should provide further proof that this man is pure evil. The problem is that Soro is being presented as a religious figure with no factual evidence to back it up. Perhaps if Soro was being radical and revolutionary, he would have attracted many; but being a proven thief, a liar and a conspirator, he attracted very few who share his low values, and unholy track records for that matter.

In your article you claimed, “Last month, nearly 1,000 Assyrian Christian families were received into communion with the Chaldean Catholic Church in California. Bishop Bawai explained the process to CNA, and expressed his hope that other Assyrian churches will also consider uniting with the Catholic Church”. The fact is that Soro has no more than 250 followers. Several of his followers are under investigation or are facing lawsuits for their illegal activities as Soro’s accomplices.

You also stated that the Chaldean Catholic Church is larger than the Assyrian Church. Perhaps you need to refresh your memory by the great speech of Pope John Paul II who had great respect for the Assyrian Church of the East by calling the ACOE “The Martyrs Church.” There has never been a church throughout 2008 years of Christian history that has sacrificed lives for Christianity as much as the ACOE has. We would like to remind your news agency that we are the only nation in the world that to this day speak the language of Christ.

We just cannot get over this brand of journalism when you present Soro as someone who is concerned for Christians in Iraq! If you study the court case carefully, you will discover that Soro stole tens of thousands of dollars gathered in the ACOE churches for the needy Christians of Iraq. Instead, Soro, unbeknown to the members of his congregation and the Holy Synod, donated that money to a political party in Iraq!

The Catholic media owe it to themselves and to the masses of people to look at themselves now and then, realize where they have gone astray, and maintain enough integrity to change what is found to be destructive. The Catholic church as a whole has enough problems, one wonders why would they be interested to borrow or recruit other churches’ problems? Now that you have ex-bishop Bawai Soro, you are more than welcome to have him. Please keep him, because the Assyrian people in general do not want him anywhere near their churches, schools, families and properties.

We would like to leave you with a precious gift. Please see the attached video clip: of ex-bishop Soro in which he repeatedly assures his followers that he will not convert anyone to Catholicism. His lies and hypocrisy after converting his 250 followers to Catholicism is the funniest joke among hundreds of thousands of Assyrian families around the world. Enjoy the clip with its English subtitle.

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