AssyriaSat Telethon Raises 238K


Ceres – California, Despite world’s economic difficulties and lack of support from the church, AssyriaSat’s annual telethon raised $238,000 this year. Even though the donation pledges were less than the previous years, they are still enough for AssyriaSat to maintain and expand the services during 2011.

Once again, Assyrians from all around the world recognized the pure nationalistic mission of Bet-Nahrain and its global TV channel.

"Another Assyrian opposition movement, the Bet-Nahrain Democratic Party (BNDP), advocates an autonomous state for Assyrians in Iraq. It is perhaps one of the most nationalistic of all Assyrian organizations and has its American base in Modesto, California." ~Jonathan Eric Lewis
During the last weekend, AssyriaSat TV station received thousands of calls from the Assyrians around the world donating towards the nationalistic cause of Bet-Nahrain. Some donors left encouraging and awakening messages such as, "Khaya Atour" (Long Live Assyria), "Alaha nadeerokhon o nader pelkhanokhoon" (God Bless you and your work), "In memory of Martyr Dr. Fraydoun Atouraya". A donor even felt an urge to clarify her nationality by saying, "Our last name is Kaldany, but we are Assyrian."

On the second day of the telethon, Mr. Hubert Isaac, a senior member of BNDP appeared on TV asking people to donate. At the end of his live session, Hubert’s touching words were, "Some of us have batteries, but we still work towards the Assyrian Cause" referring to his cardiac pacemaker.

Two local Assyrian churches both belonging to the Assyrian Church of the East (ACOE) intercepted the telethon with their Eastern Bazaar. No wonder there were fewer attendees in telethon’s party. The ACOE intercepted Bet-Nahrain’s Food Festival and also Ladies Tea Party last year with its events. The ACOE event-interception tactic now constructs a pattern of hidden animosity towards the nationalistic movement, while Bet-Nahrain organization has always been an ardent supporter and defendant of ACOE. The matter of fact is, the battle for resources does always exist in the business world, but when it comes from a church, it not only is painful but also unholy.

"And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves." Matthew 21:12
But this year, God Blessed Assyrianism when a generous donation of $150,000 was received from Ms. Evelyn Benyamin, which brought tears to the eyes of many participants and AssyriaSat audience at home.

Bet-Nahrain casts its 24/7 TV programs on satellite, KBSV HD TV Channel 23, IPTV, web, and soon on iPhone.