AssyriaSat, the Fighter, the Survivor, the Conqueror

4/12/2006 1:51:54 AM
AssyriaSat, the Fighter, the Survivor, the Conquer

The 10th Annual Telethon of the most desired Assyrian media, AssyriaSat was a spectacular success. This leading media in the Assyrian world received a record high of over $170,000 donations during the two and a half days Telethon, April 7th through 9th, 2006. Local residents walked in their donations and enjoyed the delicious Assyrian food prepared by Bet-Nahrain Ladies Auxiliary and the entertainment by various famous Assyrian singers. Global contributors were not only making pledges over five phone lines dedicated to Telethon, but they were also honoring AssyriaSat for its firm stand behind the Assyrian identity and the Assyrian national church, the Assyrian Church of the East (ACOE).

This champion media prevailed over many internal and external conspirators and their useless TV programs used to destroy the Assyrian identity. Naturally, the conspirators took a dislike to AssyriaSat for its non compromising stand. The unique founder of AssyriaSat, Dr. Sargon Dadesho and his volunteer staff have shown over the 32 years of Bet-Nahrain existence that they would never favor popularity over fierce patriotism. Bet-Nahrain and AssyriaVision / AssyriaSat, armed with truth and evidence faced many political, national, and religious events with unshakable determination knowing very well that the truth is usually not what public would like to know. Today, it is accurate to say this media has influenced the Assyrian people to the point of no return. The people will rather die than let their identity or national rights be denied and they will pay to keep this crown media in existence. In fact they have labeled AssyriaSat “The Virtual Assyrian Government!”

Among many noteworthy events, a great number of Assyrians not only became new AssyriaSat members, but they also became members of Bet-Nahrain organization, the parent cultural organization which found AssyriaVision/KBSV Channel 23, KBES Radio 89.5 FM, and AssyriaSat. The Assyrian families along with the AssyriaSat Staff rejoiced over this sweet victory and continued to request a copy of the most recent Bet-Nahrain magazine which has on its cover a historical picture of Dr. Sargon Dadesho and His Holiness Patriarch Mar Dinkha IV titled “Guardians of The Assyrian National Identity”.

Callers and visitors kept making emotional comments, i.e.,” this is not about money, it’s about the overwhelming support AssyriaSat has gained despite what the conspirators tried to accomplish”. AssyriaSat is in fact the only Assyrian media owned by Assyrians, run by Assyrians, and its mission is the Assyrian Cause. The objectives are to educate the Assyrian language, the oldest language on earth, the Assyrian culture, ethics and values, and to help gather this dispersed nation to reach its national, political, and land rights in their homeland Assyria (today’s Iraq).

Some unforgettable emotional moments were when on the second day a lady approached one of Bet-Nahrain’s board members and said “I am a needy old woman, but here is my checkbook, you write what amount you desire.” Bet-Nahrain, of course did not have the heart to accept her donation, but instead asked her to go home and just continue to pray for AssyriaSat. An old grandpa who could barely speak over the phone donated $25.00 from a retirement home in Stanislaus County. An old lady called from a hospital in Modesto, CA and donated $25.00 to her companion TV station. On the third day of Telethon, a pregnant volunteer staff had to be taken out after spending so many hours in the heat of the studio. She knew she had to be cooperative because she is carrying tomorrow’s Assyria.

Just when everyone thought the Telethon ended early morning hours on Monday, April 10th, after Dr. Dadesho donated $30,000, a call was received from Iran by a 77 years old lady. This call burst the adrenaline running through volunteer staff after many hours of exhausting work. This caller spoke to Dr. Dadesho privately over the phone and donated $12,000, in return she requested just one sentimental favor from this national and political hero which was to purchase her a small burial plot next time he visits Nineveh, hers and every Assyrians homeland. Her request brought tears to everyone’s eyes, and renewed their spirit of nationalism.

With the fantastic support and praise endowed upon Bet-Nahrain and AssyriaSat from almost all Assyrian church denominations and public, it is proven once and for all that Bet-Nahrain and AssyriaSat are the point of unity for the Assyrian people worldwide. Bet-Nahrain is the land where no Assyrian is left behind.