Bet-Nahrain Democratic Party's Declaration

8/26/2006 2:31:59 AM
Bet-Nahrain Democratic Party (BNDP)

The Bet-Nahrain Democratic Party’s congress took place at Bet-Nahrain Cultural Center in Ceres, California on August 18 - 20, 2006, under the banner “Bet-Nahrain Democratic Party: The Guardian of the Assyrian Nation”. Delegates of all eight BNDP branches presented reports at this historical congress.

The congress began with an open ceremony on Friday, August 18 by Assyrian clergies’ prayers, followed by a minute of silence in honor of the Assyrian Martyrs.

During the closed sessions on August 19th and 20th, reports of all delegates were presented and in-dept discussions on circumstances and events affecting the Assyrian nation were made. In the last day of the congress, through Democratic elections, the new party’s leadership committee and its advisory council were elected.

BNDP congress resulted in many decisions concerning the party and its platform in the following four categories: the Party arena, the National arena, the Iraqi arena and the International arena. Those decisions that can be shared with the public are as follows:

The Party Arena:

  1. A special committee was appointed to review the current BNDP constitution and prepare a draft constitution which will accommodate the current national and political aspects affecting the Assyrian people.
  2. The leadership of BNDP, its President, Vice-President and the Supreme Council will work to strengthen the party’s structure and enhance the branches of the party beyond the current eight branches.
  3. BNDP will work on the agreed upon national and political programs and projects. The ultimate objective of BNDP remains [An Autonomous State for Assyrians in Bet-Nahrain (Iraq).]
  4. BNDP considers itself the sword and the shield of the Assyrian nation. BNDP will conduct an evaluation and bring discussions regarding specific national programs that will protect and preserve the Assyrian identity, language, history and culture against all internal and external conspirators.
  5. BNDP vowed once again to never stop from demanding the Assyrians’ national, political and land rights in Iraq.

The National Arena:

  1. BNDP will reach out and work with all Assyrian political parties or national organizations that identify themselves with the common denominator, the Assyrian national identity. BNDP will neither acknowledge, nor communicate with those political parties and organizations that betrayed the Assyrian identity and co-conspired to destroy the Assyrian Cause. If and when those parties and organizations repent from their past mistakes, BNDP will assess and evaluate their actions before it decides to have any relations with them.
  2. BNDP will continue its staunch stand and denounce all conspiracies against Assyrian churches that identify themselves as Assyrians, especially the mother church, the Assyrian Church of the East.
  3. As one of the founders of the Assyrian National Congress (ANC), BNDP will continue its membership in ANC.
  4. BNDP will help bring about a collective and democratic leadership for the Assyrian Nation within the framework of ANC.
  5. BNDP will help the Assyrian people in any way possible.

The Iraqi Arena:

  1. BNDP will continue its cooperation with all Iraqi political parties in accordance with the decisions of the Iraqi Opposition Conference held in London on December 16, 2002, in which Iraqi’s political parties agreed to grant the Assyrians their “National Rights”.
  2. BNDP will continue to establish relations with the Iraqi Government, Human Rights Organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) with the purpose of obtaining the Assyrians’ national, political and land rights in their ancestral homeland of Iraq.
  3. BNDP will make representations to the Iraqi Government in order to protect the sole Assyrian identity in the Iraqi constitution.
  4. BNDP supports all forces working to bring peace and tranquility in Iraq and it condemns the terrorist insurgency in Iraq.

The International Arena:

  1. BNDP will cooperate and seek friendly relations with any world organization or institution which will respect the Assyrians’ human and national rights.
  2. BNDP will continue its relations and communications with the neighboring countries in the Middle East to preserve the human rights of their Assyrian residents.
  3. BNDP commends all the countries which helped with the liberation of Iraq from the dictatorial regime of Saddam Hussein. BNDP especially appreciates the United States of America for sacrificing many lives in Iraq.


BNDP extends a special appreciation to Bet-Nahrain Cultural Center, and especially Bet-Nahrain Ladies Auxiliary, for hosting this historical congress.