Bishop Mar Al-Qas Nullifies Jammo's Believes, Assyria in the Equation Alone

7/6/2009 11:03:00 PM

Honorable(s), Ladies, and Gentlemen,

Shlama Ashouraya,

Good news is taking place everyday in our homeland Assyria (today called Iraq), and everywhere in the world. The biggest bombshell that is worth mentioning is the new declaration of His Beatitude, Bishop Mar Al-Qas to Ishtar T.V. Channel, that he wholeheartedly accepts with only one name for our nation Assyria, hence siding with Ankawa Council.,8228.html],8228.html

This is a great news, because not long time ago, Cardinal Deli, Patriarch of the Chaldean Catholic Church, dispatched an official letter to Masoud Barazani asking the Kurdish Regional Government to officially accept only one name "Chaldean" in designation to his own church parishioners.

Also, Sarhad Jammo, the Chaldean bishop of California, the conspirator against our mother church, and the Assyrian nation, in several times irresponsibly attested, without any historical references, that those among us who descended from Atour Mountain, Hakkari, have no connection historically to any roots to the ancient Assyrians, but he believes that we instead adopted the name "ASSYRIAN" as an endowment by the British missionaries who proselytized Christianity to us, and gave us this sacred, Holy of most Holiness, name "ASSYRIA", as Jammo stated to create havoc, anarchy, and trouble within the newly independent Arab states in the region.

I personally call Jammo a moron, pinhead man of darkness whose heart is full of hatred, evilness, and naive. Seems Master Czar of Rome taught him nothing except to hate his forefathers church, the Assyrian Church of the East, and his true nation Assyria.

Ironically, Jammo the Chaldean Bishop of California does not limit his merciless venom and personal hatred to the Assyrians of Atour (Hakkari), but includes also the peace loving, innocent Assyrians of Iran. The true Assyrian people of literature, medicine, and mighty pen, whereby those too earned no mercy from the "man of God" who affirmed in believing that they too are not Assyrians, but rather "Hoshara". I believe that the man lost his mind!

  • Jammo, When your beloved Arab tribes trekked the empty desert looking for small oasis, Assyrians of Urmia had more doctors, and educators than any other nationality in Middle East combined.
  • When the Assyrian tribes of Hakkari accepted Christianity, and all the Lord's disciples came dwelt, proselytized the old world, and died with them, Rome your heart was still dwindling into forsaken darkness, worshipping pagans, and crucifying prophet, and disciples of Jesus, our Lord.

Anyway, I am very grateful to the courageous steps taken by Mar Rabban Al-Qas, and would like to see others, among the swaying-away church of the Assyrian Catholic Church to adhere strongly the Assyrian values, history, and traditions. I would urge all to call this church only as it should be, the "Assyrian Catholic Church".

A small clarification about Mar Rabban Al-Qas

Mar Rabban Al-Qas belongs to the Jelu Tribe of Zernaya. A mighty proud Assyrian village that have an eternal history of Assyrian sacrifice, bravery, and astute adherence to their Assyrian Patriarch, and their Assyrian nation. Jilu Tribe, and like all other Assyrian tribes of Hakkari, the soul remnant of the Assyrian empire, since 612 B.C. endured with their sweat, blood, and ultimate courage were able to secure a semi independent homogeneous enclave in Atour Mountains, a formidable mountain to their own foes. This self-independence did not come free, but with a heavy price of endless stories of heroism, blood, and souls sacrifice, by both men and mighty women of Atour, before the altar of Assyrianism and true devotion to our fathers' church, the Assyrian Church of the East, and to our immortal nation Assyria(Atour).

May God bless and protect our Assyrian people, and strengthen, unite, and empower our Assyrian people everywhere, Amen!

Please click on the URL address to see, and read the article, thank you all.,8228.html],8228.html

Keep Assyria in your hearts, minds and prayers

Khaya Atour

Sincerely yours,

Ashur Youluos Malek
Cave Creek, Arizona