Bishop Mar Bawai Soro Faces Legal Action

12/11/2005 9:56:32 AM

On November 16th 2005, the Holy Apostolic Catholic Assyrian Church of the East issued an official letter to Bishop Soro informing him of his expulsion from the church and requesting all the church related financial records in his possession.







November 16th 2005

Mar Bawai Soro


680 Minnesota Ave

San Jose Ca, 95125

Dear Mar Bawai,

Greeting in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,

We write this letter to you as made necessary by the decree of the Synod adopted on November 7th 2005, and based on your reply to the Synod on November 11th 2005, whereby you rejected the Holy Synod's decree and termed it non - canonical. Hereby we decree that you are removed as the bishop of the Western California Diocese of the Holy Apostolic Catholic Assyrian Church of the East.

You are no longer authorized to act in any capacity for the Holy Apostolic Catholic Assyrian Church of the East and its Western California Diocese or for any of its corporations which hold title or ownership of any of its properties, funds, or assets. You are removed as an officer and director of any and all corporations which are a part of the church organization or which hold or have held title or ownership of any church property or assets.

Any and all property acquired with the monies derived from any church parish or its membership should and must be owned by the church and must be returned and delivered to the church, whether held in the name or the church or any of its corporations or in your name. This would include any property which is the proceeds of, or obtained from the proceeds of, any loan made upon, i.e., secured by, church property or loaned upon the credit of the church.

It will be necessary that you make full accounting to the church of all financial matters other than, of course, your salary. This will require that you assemble and turn over records of all loans secured by church properties which you obtained and the records and papers which would show how the proceeds have been kept or expended. You must give to the church cancelled checks, checks, bank statements, check registers, ledgers, journals, and all papers which record and document receipts and expenditures. Also the church must have those statements which evidence any checking, savings, money market, securities, or other accounts of money and property held in your name (Ashur B. Soro) or in the name of the Church or any of its corporations.

Corporate records and documents related to the Church of North America and the Western Diocese, and any former but dissolved corporations related to the diocese must be turned over to the Church Synod.

You may, of course, make and keep a copy of any such original records which you deliver, and you will not be denied access to them in the future after delivery. If there are any records of the diocese located on any of the church premises, you must advise of their description and location. The Church has retained Robert Sturges Esq, as our attorney and representative. You are to deliver the aforementioned documents and records directly to Mr. Sturges at his address, 1960 the Alameda, Ste. 230 San Jose, CA. 95126. Mr. Sturges will receive them, and a suitable place for their retention after their delivery will be found.

The Synod bas appointed an investigative committee, and we will appoint an interim or acting Bishop in the near future. The services of Rev. Samuel Dinkha and Rev Michael Baroota are no longer required in the Parish of San Jose (Mar Yosip Church). While Archdeacon Ninos Michael of the San Francisco Parish, Rev Oshana Kanon of the Ceres Parish, as well as the Seattle Parish priests and staff will continue to serve at the pleasure of the acting Bishop. It is not within your power to remove any staff or employee. There can be no further loans or transfers of church owned property, whether standing in your name or that of the church's. There must be no removal of church records, equipment, symbols, or property of any kind from the San Jose or any other Holy Apostolic Catholic Assyrian church of the East previously under your jurisdiction.

Having said all of this, you will always find the Synod ready to listen to you concerning any matter. It will, however, be necessary that you complete the surrender of these records, deeds, papers and monies no later than 12:00 PM, Wednesday, 30th November 2005.

May the Grace of our Lord be with you,

Issued by the Holy, Synod’s Decree

Khanania Mardinkha IV

Catholicos Patriarch of

The Assyrian Church of the East

Mar Gewargis Sliwa

Metropolitan of Iraq, Jordan & Russia

Mar Narsai De Baz

Metropolitan of Lebanon, Syria, Europe and Patriarchal Representative

Mar Meelis Zaia

Secretary of the Holy Synod

Bishop of Australia & New Zealand

CC: The Prelates Members of the Holy Synod

Priests and Committee members of HACACE

Western Diocese and HACACE Eastern Diocese

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