Christmas under Siege around the World

12/15/2005 7:36:54 AM

Christians around the world this holiday season are living in fear because of their beliefs. The Christmas holiday calls attention to Christianity and that often leads to imprisonment, torture and even death for believers. The news comes from the Congressional Working Group on Religious Freedom. Senator Rick Santorum says this time of year there’s far too much persecution to talk about.

“As we wind up the Senate session for the Christmas holidays one of the things that we wanted to reflect on was the amount of religious persecution around the world with respect to the freedom of Christians to be able to celebrate the holiday.”

Dr. Eden Naby, an expert on Iraq , says politics play a vital role in assisting believers.

“There just has to be policy awareness of the problem of Christians in the Middle East . This is the homeland of Christianity. The Assyrians are the last speakers of Aramaic, the language of Jesus and these people are being driven out of country after country.”

She says Iraq is one of the harshest places for Christian converts.

“Last year at Christmas in one of the major towns, extremists broke in beat up the priest, tore up the church and the people had to go home terrified.”

The Archbishop of Denver, Charles Chaput, a participant in the Working Group meeting, has written about increasing persecution of Christians across the world. He accuses the mass media of “generally ignoring or downplaying” the gravity of the situation.