5/30/2006 2:54:34 PM

We the priests of the HOLY APOSTOLIC CATHOLIC ASSYRIAN CHURCH OF THE EAST, from above dioceses, who have gathered in the Church of St. Mary, in the city of Roselle, in the State of Illinois, from 8th through May 11th, 2006, by God’s grace, do affirm our support for our Church leadership. In the spirit of servant hood toward our Lord Jesus Christ, we once again submit ourselves to the Patriarch, His Holiness, Mar Dinkha IV, and the Holy Synod, as the Blessed Apostle, St. Paul, has instructed, “ Listen to your spiritual leaders and obey them; for they are watchful guardians of your souls, as one who must give account, that they may do it with joy and not with grief, for that is unprofitable for you.” (Hebrew 13:17)

We are so disheartened to have to deal with a man who is contrary to the Word of God. However, in line with the dictates of Holy Scripture, such is the case of the former bishop, Ashur Soro. His illegal actions and refusals to abide by the decisions of the Holy Synod, have brought great harm and heartache to so many and continue to do so, by not returning the properties and holdings of the Church to the hierarchy with whom he had served with for many years previously. Our Lord Jesus Christ said in the Gospel of John, “ If you love me, keep my commandments.” (St. John 14:15) and further He states,” You will know them by their fruits.”(St. Matthew 7:16).

We reaffirm our obedience to His Holiness and the Holy Synod and our common declaration in the use of the Diocesan Constitution and By-Laws that were approved and signed into existence and promulgated for use in our churches of the Western world in the Winter of 1986.

In brotherly love and faithful witness unto Christ, we affix our signatures on this the 11th day of May 2006.

Names Signatures:

  1. V. Rev. Nenos Michael, Archdeacon
  2. V. Rev. Yonan Y. Yonan, Archdeacon San Francisco, California London, England
  3. V. Rev. Aprim DeBaz, Archdeacon
  4. V.Rev. Chorbishop Gewargis Haroon
  5. V. Rev. Athanasis Joseph, Chorbishop
  6. Rev. David Royel Chicago, IL. San Jose, California
  7. Rev.Charles Klutz
  8. Rev. Dr. Mark Brown Chicago, IL. Avenal, California
  9. Rev Dr. George K.Toma
  10. Rev. Khoushaba Bouza Prospect Heights, IL. Roselle, IL.
  11. Rev. Benjamin Benjamin
  12. Rev. Auchana Kanoun Sterling Heights, MI Ceres, California
  13. Rev. Hermis M. Ismail
  14. Rev. Joseph B. Peera London, ONT, Canada Flint, MI
  15. Rev. Shlemon Heseqial
  16. Rev. Younan Marwan Chicago, IL. Hamilton, ONT, Canada
  17. Rev. Kando D. kando
  18. Rev. Jameel Warda Modesto, CA Turlock, CA
  19. Rev. Antwan Latchen
  20. Rev. Kifrkis Talo, London,ONT, Chicago, IL. London, ONT.,Canada
  21. Rev. George Bet Rasho
  22. Rev. Gabriel Brakhia Tarzana, CA. Fullerton, CA.
  23. Rev. Gewargis Shlaimon
  24. Rev. Frederick Hermiz Yonkers, N.Y Phoenix, AZ
  25. Rev. Aprim Younadam
  26. Rev. Gaba Sholimun Las Vegas, NV San Diego, CA
  27. Rev. Emmanuel Youkhana Weisbaden, Germany (visiting clergy)


Joint Diocese of Noth America

(Eastern U.S.A. Western USA, Wester California and Canada)

660 Larson Lane, Roselle, IL. 60712

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