Assyrian Church of the East shows its staunch stand on the Assyrian identity

7/27/2005 7:24:47 AM

On July 26, 2005, His Grace Mar Meelis Zaya, the general secretary of the Church of the East under the authorization of His Holiness Patriach Mar Dinkha IV and the Church of the East Synod sent a defiant letter to Iraq’s President, Prime Minister, Parliament, The Constitutional Committee, The United Nation, The United States and United Kingdom governments and their representatives in Iraq.

In this historical letter, the Church of the East congratulates the Iraqi government for their accomplishments and efforts to bring stability to our beloved homeland, and expresses their gratitude for the government’s acknowledgment of the history of Assyrians in Iraq and their inescapable contribution to the world civilization.

The Church of the East, as the first church ever established in Iraq, and the protector of the original language of Iraq, the Assyrian language, necessitates mainly two things from Iraqi authorities and the world leaders:

  1. Constitutional recognition of the historical and national name of the Assyrians (Chaldeans, Souryans).
  2. Constitutional recognition of the Assyrian national rights in Iraq.

The same demands that the Assyrian National Referendum has made which has been supported by a great number of the Assyrian people worldwide.