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9/15/2005 8:58:08 PM
Strategic Entertainment - Cousins Movie/Film

Chicago, IL, September 15, 2005 — Strategic Entertainment in association with CampaCinema Films, Hal-A-Bad Pictures and Assyrians Around the World proudly present the new Assyrian American Feature length film “Cousins”.

This Romantic Comedy adds a little spice to the Genre. While Joe and Rita are in the typical cheesy love stage of their new relationship, the dreaded obstacles that come up can only be described as unique.

Her Surgeon Father works on her arranged marriage to a particular little rich boy belonging to a particular family of surgeons. Her father’s only care in the world is to further his own career. His plans are formed without her knowledge.

Joe is caught up in a change of lifestyle when his Uncle and cousin decide to visit him from Iraq. The reason for the visit is to help Joe, a young entrepreneur, with his new business venture. The soft-spoken Cousin and temperamental “Old-School” Uncle can either help the situation or turn it into a second “Desert Storm”.

“Cousins” takes us on a wild ride where two people try to become one by fighting off the influence of a dozen. Everyone has a hand in their life. Will they also be the helping hand that destroys their love?

“Cousins” starring Jecob Alexzander Crystal Denha Abee Sargis Tony Yalda Zuhair Karmo and introducing Ilbrone Petrossi. Executive Producer Billy Haido Produced by H. Adoni Esho and Ron Rehana Written and Directed by Martin Khoshaba.

The Film is due for release on October 23, 2005

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