Cuneiform Tablets and Royal Stamp Unearth in Northeast Syria

6/3/2005 12:39:23 AM

Arab News - The Syrian-Belgian joint excavation mission in northeast Syria has recently discovered some cuneiform tablets dating back to the neo Assyrian king in the Mesopotamia Shamshi Adad, 1800 BC, as well it unearthed the king personal stamp.

Head of the Belgian team of excavations told SANA today that after the discovery of the king special stamp, the mission is doing her best to come across the full palace of the king, noting that the mission has started her excavation work this year at Shager Bazar hill in Hassaka, northeast Syria, in light of last years conclusion.

Head of Hassaka directorate of archeology Abdul Massih Baghdou said among the unearthed findings this year are "buildings dating back to 1800 years BC." He added "there are a collection of cuneiform tablets and potteries in addition to the finding of buildings dating back to the 5000 years BC." King Shamshi Adad 1053-1049 BC. Was a neo Assyrian king who ruled the Mesopotamia of northern Syria in the Middle Assyrian period of Syrian history.