Deceitful Political Maneuvers

8/3/2006 12:57:00 AM

The Assyrian Church of the East (ACOE) strives more than ever despite the phenomenon of interference in her internal affairs by the most despised political party, the Assyrian Democratic Movement (ADM) also known as Zowaa under the never expiring dictatorial leadership of the Baath member, Mr. Younadam Kanna.

Dr. Sargon Dadesho, the president of the Assyrian National Congress conducted a special live phone interview on AssyriaSat on August 1st 2006 with His Grace Mar Meelis Zaia, the Bishop of the Assyrian Church of the East of Australia and New Zealand Dioceses, also the secretary of the ACOE Holy Synod.

In this informative interview, H.G. Mar Meelis, described the extend of ADM’s endeavor of interference by their financial and non-financial support of the recently de-frocked Bishop of the ACOE, ex-Bishop Bawai Soro, who has a pending trial for misappropriation of church funds and fraudulent conversion of the titles of the church properties he held in his trust during his employment with the ACOE to his own sole corporation. Millions of Dollars in assets and funds are at stake while the ex-Bishop with the support of ADM members and leadership continues to tour the world in a futile attempt to solicit new members from multiple Assyrian church denominations.

During that interview, H.G. Mar Meelis clarified that in their latest tasteless attempt of interference in church affairs, the leadership of ADM, Mr. Kanna and a few members of his defeated party who also happen to be members of the ACOE met with His Grace Mar Emmanuel Yousip, the Bishop of Canada Diocese. In this meeting, H.G. Mar Emmanuel bluntly condemned ADM leadership for causing division in the ACOE and their inappropriate support of expelled Bishop Soro. During this meeting H.G. was put under a lot of pressure to accept an invitation to attend a dinner function sponsored by ADM.

Unbeknown to His Holiness Mar Dinkha IV, Catholicos- Patriarch of the Holy Apostolic Catholic Assyrian Church of the East, H.G. Mar Emmanuel, despite his own hesitations accepted the invitation to avoid further division within his local church congregation. But, during that dinner gathering, H.G. realized that the function was of a political nature in which some anti-ACOE speeches were delivered by Kanna and his group. The most absurd comment made by Kanna was that they, as a political party would never interfere in the church affairs and the clergies should never interfere with the politics. H.G. Mar Emmanuel walked out of that function once he realized the ill-intended purpose of the invitation was yet another political maneuver out of Kanna’s bag of tricks to mock an officer of the church.

H.G. Mar Meelis had a few important messages for the Assyrian viewers around the globe. He assured them that the ACOE has struggled and survived much hardship for the past 2000 years and has never lost her faith, theology, identity, literature and leadership and does not intent to do so for eternity. He also reminded people that despite many attempts by the ex-Bishop for spreading rumors of reconciliation with the church, the ACOE will never consider any type of reconciliation until all church properties are returned to their rightful owner, the ACOE.

In conclusion, His Grace Mar Meelis warned some mislead Assyrians of different denominations that their support for the ex-Bishop will cause divisions in their own churches and ultimately loss of their own church properties as the ex-Bishop’s agenda is to solicit members and take over properties from different denominations to build his own church.

H.G. Mar Meelis left the viewers with the following comment and question, “The ACOE has survived many divisions and conspiracies in her past and has never lost due to her faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and in her faithful parishioners. Therefore, we are not affected by this latest schism. The question is how prepared are the other denominations who fall prey in the ex-Bishop’s trap? What are their chances of survival?”

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