Democrats continue denying existence of terrorists in Iraq

6/15/2005 3:18:49 AM

A terrorist struck outside a bank in Kirkuk with a car bomb as elderly men and women waited to cash their pension checks Tuesday, killing more than twenty people and wounding almost one-hundred. There were several children with their grandparents at the bank, authorities said.

Elsewhere, five Iraqi soldiers were killed and two wounded in a terrorist bombing attack at a checkpoint in Kan'an, thirty miles north of Baghdad, and the bodies of two-dozen men - apparently victims of recent terrorist ambushes - were brought to a hospital in the capital.

A Muslim man wearing a belt packed with explosives blew himself up outside the Rafidiyan Bank just after it opened Tuesday morning, said Gen. Sherko Shakir, Kirkuk's police chief.

According to one report, "a crowd of street vendors and elderly men and women waiting outside the bank bore the brunt of the blast, and a pregnant woman and several children were among the victims...Body parts, including arms and legs, were strewn in a 20-yard radius from the scene of the explosion, which occurred close to a pedestrian bridge and left the pavement covered in rubble and glass. Several bodies were under the wreckage and at least two parked cars nearby were set ablaze."

The AP photographed a Kurdish terrorist in Kirkuk, northern Iraq, while he celebrated the swearing in of veteran guerrilla leader Massoud Barzani as the first president of Iraq's northern Kurdistan region in nearby Irbil, Tuesday June 14, 2005. The Kurds are known for their violence and have exterminated countless Christian Assyrians and Nasranis in a holocaust in the past.

Terrorists (oftentimes called "insurgents" by Liberal and Old Media) have routinely launched deadly attacks in Kirkuk apparently seeking to foment ethnic tension in the city populated by various ethnic groups.

Much of the population is wondering whether the Muslims, if left to themselves, will eventually kill their own people off and destroy the natural resources there or not.

In Baghdad, the bodies of 24 men - some beheaded - were brought to a hospital, Iraqi officials said. The men had been killed in recent ambushes on convoys by Muslim terrorists in western Iraq, seven on Sunday and 17 last Thursday.

Liberals and many Democrats in the U.S. continue to deny the horrors caused by these extreme, radical Muslims in Iraq, despite the bloodshed. How quickly they have forgotten about the Twin Towers and the beading of Nick Burg.