Dina Bit-David Came 1st in Australia and 2nd in Karaoke World Championships

9/20/2009 1:37:00 AM
Assyrian-Australian Dina Bit-David achieved the 2nd title representing Australia at karaoke international finals in Finland.

Assyrian-Australian Dina Bit-David achieved the 2nd title representing Australia at Karaoke World Championships in Finland while this year's gold went to Nataliya Pilyutina from Russia and Adrian Kenny from Ireland.

"Court Advocate & Prosecution Officer, Dina Bit-David, 29, narrowly secured the title in a karaoke showdown in Melbourne with her own renditions of 'Rescue Me' & 'I Will Always Love You'", said KWC's website when the crown of KWC Australia went to Dina.

Dina was born in Tehran-Iran. Her father, Dr. John Bit-David, an Assyrian professor in Pure Mathematics moved to Australia in 1985 for research purposes. He and his family have lived in Australia ever since. Dina is a lawyer. She graduated in law from University of Western Sydney (Nepean) as well as majoring in Communications.

Her mother describes talented Dina's passion for singing by saying, "from the age of two years old Dina would sing and pretend that she was on stage performing for a large audience and since then nothing could stop her for the love that she has for singing".

The Assyrian Charity & Educational Community (ACEC) and The Assyrian Australian Academic Society (TAAAS) have been the Assyrian organizations most of which Dina has performed at for many different events.

The Karaoke World Championships includes more than 30 countries. Australians have won the international title three times during past seven years since the establishment of KWC.

What is KWC?

KWC stands for Karaoke World Championships. The sole meaning of the Karaoke World Championships is to provide the world's best karaoke entertainment year after year with the World Champion title in a men's and women's series. KWC has been organized annually since 2003.

The Karaoke World Championships is the world's biggest and most respected karaoke event. It brings together singers from all over the world, regardless of race, nation or religion. KWC is the opportunity for aspiring singers to show their amazing talents to the world and to give the crowd an unforgettable experience.