Enokian hits the nail on the head with column on the Middle East

7/21/2005 6:15:53 AM

Enokian hits the nail right on the head with his honest article about the Middle East [ENOKIAN: Understanding will not fix the Middle East (July 19)].

We are constantly told to do the politically right thing. "Don't make remarks that are not politically correct," has become our national mantra. But in the process of doing the politically right thing we pay a heavy price for looking the other way. We ignore the truth. We pretend Evil does not exist because it is not politically correct to refer to any one group as Evil. I call this censorship in the land of the free.

Those of us who come from the Middle East know only too well the real story. Islam will never change. Calls of jihad will never cease. No mater how many giant bandaids our American government places on the Middle East, it is not going to ³cure² the Middle East of its fundamental problem.

Today, as the war rages on in Iraq, Christian Assyrians living in Iraq are still being targeted by Islam. Nothing much has changed in that regard from the Assyrian Massacres of 1914-1918. The bloodshed is the same. Only the dates have changed. 40,000 to 130,000 Assyrians have fled their ancestral homeland since the Iraq war. Assyrian churches, schools, businesses have been bombed. Lives have been shattered and no one takes notice. It is not politically correct.

America looks the other way while Assyrian Christians are slaughtered to the chants of jihad on a daily basis. Sadly, Christians killed at the hands of Islam have become nothing more than a mere footnote in today's politics.

Wake up America and do the politically and morally right thing. Recognize Evil for what it is.

Rosie Malek-Yonan

Glendale, CA