Exposure of Top Baath Agents in Northern Iraq

9/24/2006 3:40:00 AM

On September 20, 2006, Hawlati Kurdish News Agency released two official documents discovered in the Iraqi intelligence archives of Saddam Hussein’s Baath regime. These documents contain two lists of names of Intelligence Services agents assigned to spy, gather and submit reports on the communities and organizations they were assigned to in the northern Iraq region.

One list displays 90 Kurds who were installed in the Kurdish parties and parliament to spy on Kurdish high ranking members. These 90 agents acted as double agents between the Kurdish parties and the Baath regime.

The other list which is of utmost interest to the Assyrians contains the names of 60 Baath agents of which six are of Assyrian identity who were assigned to infiltrate and spy on the two main ruling Kurdish parties KDP and PUK, as well as the Assyrian organizations and political parties in Iraq and in Diaspora. The first name on this list is Younadam Yousif Kanna, the present Secretary General of the Assyrian Democratic Movement ADM, also know as Zowaa.

Exposure of Top Baath Agents in Northern Iraq

Younadam Kanna is currently serving in the Iraqi parliament while holding a shaky position. According to Hawlati Kurdish News Agency, “The Kurdish parliament has assigned an investigative committee to bring these criminals to justice.” The Kurdish parliament is also planning to expel its two ADM members. All ADM centers in the northern region have been shot down and Younadam Kanna is prohibited to even visit northern Iraq. In light of these new documents, the Assyrian people, after years of great suffering by Kanna’s betrayal are asking the Iraqi parliament to cast out Kanna.

The second person on the revealed list is Kanna’s brother-in-law, Giwargis Rasho Zaya, aka Ninous Petyoo, the former Secretary General of ADM and current high rank member of the political bureau of ADM. Kanna’s deceased brother, Youhana Yousif Kanna of ADM is also on the list along with Hakim Essa Yousif of the Christian Party, Khoshaba Giwergis Polus of the Communist Party and Habib Lougha Hanna of the Kurdish Democratic Party.

The two leaders of this group of 60 secret agents are Younadam Yousif Kanna of ADM and Ali Babeer, the leader of the Kurdish Islamic Group affiliated with Osama bin Laden’s Al-Qaeda.

The following is the English translation of one of the documents revealed by Hawlati Kurdish News Agency:

Presidential Palace
Iraqi Intelligence Service

In The Name of The Merciful Allah


Number: 3441

Notification number: 95/6/40

Date: October 7, 2000

Dear Sir “SH 3” (Maneger of the 3rd Branch),

Number 3603 notification dated October 7, 2000

Enclosed is the list of our top agents (cream of the crop) and their location in the northern region. Please review the attached document.


Attachment – List

(The Arabic version shows two signatures and a note which says “Do what is necessary”.)


This list of the names of our top agents (cream of the crop) located in northern region is pushed in the direction of following groups: Turkmen parties, Wafagh party, The National Higher Commission and other opposition parties.


Full Name

Location (Residency)

Position (Duties)



Younadam Yousif Kanna


The phony minister of industry in the government of Massoud Barzani and the head of ADM gang’s foreign relations

Spying and providing reports on the activities of Iraqi Opposition Groups in Iraq and Diaspora


Giwergis Rasho Zaya (aka, Ninous Petyoo)


Leader of the Assyrian Democratic Movement, ADM gang

Spying and providing reports on the activities of Iraqi Opposition Groups in Iraq


Kanaan Shakar Aziz


Leader of the Independent Turkmen gang

Spying on the activities of Turkmen gangs and their relations with Turks


Sabah Ahmad Mohammad Alkasar


General Manager of Turkmen Studies

Spying on the activities of Turkmen gangs


Hayman Noor Aldin Fakhri

Arbil - Dohuk

Taxi driver with intimate relations with the Turkmen leaders and director of the group of the agents (spies)

Spying on the activities of Turkmen gangs and double agents


Rawayda Ahmed Mohammad


Leader of the computer department of the Turkmen Associations

Spying on activities of Turkmen gangs and their relations with the Turks


Kazem Alhaj Nader


Member of the Turkmen Cultural Association

Spying on activities of Turkmen gangs

Younadam Kanna's Baath Information