First Assyrian Women’s Conference to be Held in Sydney

7/22/2006 2:48:00 AM
Assyrian Church of the East Diocese of Australia and New Zealand

The Holy Apostolic Catholic Assyrian Church of the East, St. Hurmizd Parish Greenfield Park is holding its very first Annual Women’s Conference. The conference the first of its kind in the Assyrian Church of the East world wide will be held on 5 August 2006 and be in the honour of the Virgin Mary who is seen as an unparalleled example of feminine grace.

The aims of the conference are to bring together the women in the Assyrian community given their roles as homemakers, career women and spiritual guides within their families. The daylong conference will have workshops in faith, marriage, children and women’s health issues.

His Grace Bishop Mar Meelis Zaia, Bishop for the Australian and New Zealand Diocese, will officially open the inaugural conference and provide a spiritual talk.

‘I am extremely proud my diocese have organised such an inspiring conference for the Assyrian women, given the significant role they play in their homes and our community.’

‘I encourage all Assyrian women to attend and share their experiences and take away new levels of understanding in the Church of the East faith.’ Bishop Zaia said.

At the conclusion of the event a ladies party has been organised in the Edessa Reception Hall for 6.30pm.

A recording of the conference will be made available to AssyriaSat viewers resulting in millions of viewers worldwide.

Registration forms are available from St. Hurmizd Cathedral at Greenfield Park or forms can be downloaded from the Church website at:

Places are limited and registration closes on 24 July 2006. All attendees on the day receive a small gift.

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