“Orders from the Dead” Song about Genocide in Smyrna

4/7/2010 8:55:00 PM
Orders from the Dead Song

The song Orders from the Dead is out with Rotting Christ concerning the Genocide of Smyrna and now people can download a high quality wav file from the Diamanda Galás website diamandagalas.com

Orders from the Dead receives its second incarnation by Galás' Greek brothers Rotting Christ. Sakis Tollis, who is the composer and producer of the band, is from Epirus, which, like Mani, is a primary home of the death lament in Greece. Sakis' orchestration of his powerful band and the Epirotean female singers he chose takes Orders from the Dead into a different place than the original and Galas likes that. "It should be different, rather than the way it was originally." Galás performs original text and that of the great Anatolian Greek writer Dora Soteriou--in English and Greek, and collaboration of now the three different Greeks--Galás, Soteriou, who was the witness in Smyrna, and Rotting Christ, whose recording illustrates the terror of war, including genocide, slams back the Smyrnaic Genocide into the faces of the doubters, revisionists and anti-Greeks in America, Britain, and Turkey. Greeks have always documented their history with the zeal of those who know they have only centuries, and now, decades, left before extinction.

For Galás, Rotting Christ's request to cover Orders from the Dead is a further testimony that her efforts and those of all Greek, Assyrian, and Armenian Genocide activists will not be silenced by the Turkish/American/British and Israeli power conglomerate. When Defixiones received its premiere in Los Angeles it was not reviewed, although there were scores of journalists there. When its completed version was premiered in the UK and in Australia all major papers condemned Galás for performing the work in the original languages in which it was written, Greek, Armenian, Assyrian, and Turkish. About Rotting Christ, Diamanda has said, "My brothers have come. My brothers have come." Like the Greek boat her father's relatives saw while fleeing the Turks on the shores of Smyrna, Sakis appeared and said, "May we join you, sister?"

Orders from the Dead by Diamanda Galás, Mute Records 2004

Interpreted By Rotting Christ, Lead Vocals Diamanda Galás, Accompanying vocals: Epirotean funeral singers

From Rotting Christ's new CD AEALO, available here: season-of-mist.com 2010

Drawing: D. Galás, Graphic: M. Daley

Blaise Dupuy, engineering for 2004 Orders from the Dead, available at diamandagalas.com/defixiones

Download free song Orders from the Dead here: diamandagalas.com/shop.htm