Properties from Seyfo genocide 1915 are returned

1/8/2009 12:57:00 PM

The inheritance from the father was shown to be properties taken from the Assyrians that got killed during the Seyfo genocide in 1915. Berzan Boti is now apologizing for what his forefathers did and is returning house and landmarks to its righteous owners.

At the end of 2008 a ninety year old taboo about the Seyfo genocide was broken. Approximately 200 intellectual Turks started an appeal, apologizing to the Armenians for what had happened in 1915. The Seyfo was called “the huge disaster” in the appeal.

Berzan Boti, from Siirt in the southeast Turkey, takes it even further and leaves all properties to Seyfo Center. The properties that consist of landmarks and houses were owned by Assyrians before the Seyfo genocide in 1915.

A year ago, Berzan Boti, contacted the Seyfo Center. In the letter he apologized for what had happened in 1915 and was willing to return the properties. In his letter he writes following:

“When I found out that the properties that I and my brothers inherited from our father wasn’t our own, but properties taken from the murdered Assyrians in 1915 I felt an indescribable feeling of guilt and shame. I’ve been thinking long and hard before I have come to this decision. I tried to put myself in their position. I have personally apologized to every Assyrian and Armenian I’ve meet. But this does not get rid of the crime our ancestors committed. Even if I am personally not responsible for what happened in 1915, I felt as I had to do more than just to apologize. Finally, I came to the decision to give back all properties that I inherited from my forefathers to Seyfo Center, who struggles for a confession of the Seyfo genocide in 1915”.

Berzan Boti has now signed a document saying that Sabri Atman, founder of Seyfo Center, is responsible for the properties. Atman received the letter and says that Boti’s action is honorable.

“This is the beginning; I hope that other people that got properties during the Seyfo genocide caused will take their responsibility as Berzan Boti did”, says Sabri Atman.

In a matter of security Berzan Boti do not want to give away his real identity. The transfer of property to Seyfo Center will take place during a press conference in Sweden in the spring.