Rosie Malek-Yonan’s The Crimson Field Release Date: September 5, 2005, 11:45 pm

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Of interest to Editors and Journalists covering: Books, Publishing, Libraries, Museums, History, Religion, Genocides, Middle East New historical and literary novel sheds light on the 1914-1918 Genocide of 750,000 Assyrian Christians in the Middle East

GLENDALE, CA – August 3, 2005 -– A tour-de-force, Rosie Malek-Yonan’s The Crimson Field is a brilliant and gritty historical and literary novel with enormous implications. Uncompromising and unflinching, it is based on real events and true family chronicles set to the backdrop of the Assyrian Massacres of 1914-1918 in Urmi, Iran. This is a unique triumph in that the Assyrian tragedy unfolds in an epic novel, the first of its kind, supported by actual painstakingly researched historical facts of a nation’s raw and agonizing past; a nation that has never been fully healed of its bleeding wounds and still grieves for its fallen martyrs.

Malek-Yonan’s intense interest in her family’s history cannot be separated from her Assyrian heritage and historical events that have swept that nation in a deluge of bloodbath began more than two decades ago. As she embarked on her journey of discovery, searching family documents and probing for her roots, she found a commonality with her Assyrian people who experienced the same trenchant attacks as her family at the hands of the Turks and Kurds nearly a century ago. The Crimson Field is a harsh, yet poetic, narrative of her maternal grandmother, Maghdleta’s lifelong struggle to come to terms with a momentary decision made in haste during the brutality of the Assyrian Massacres and Genocide. The Crimson Field is a reconstruction of history, brick by brick, reassembling the unimaginable losses suffered by an Assyrian woman and those of her nation.

Rosie Malek-Yonan’s high-spirited approach affords the reader a rare glimpse into the lives of a nation bereaved and long imagined to be forgotten. This epic novel is a tender reminder of the resilience of a people in their quest for survival. The Crimson Field is the author’s Requiem Mass for her Assyria. Nuri Kino, Assyrian-Swedish Journalist and three-time recipient of Guldspaden (Swedish Pulitzer) describes the book as: “[T]he most amazingly literary, beautiful and poetic…Rosie Malek-Yonan’s liquid and lyrical style of writing is a perfect blend of long and short phrases each a poem in itself. Colorful, her writing jars all five senses. THE CRIMSON FIELD is literature at its best.”


Assyrian author Rosie Malek-Yonan, a natural-born artist, is a classically trained composer, pianist, actor, director, writer and a figure skater on the 1980 Winter Olympic Team. Upon receiving her L.C. degree in English from University of Cambridge, she studied piano at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and acting at the American Conservatory Theatre. A graduate of San Francisco State University with two degrees in Music, she won an invitation to study drama at the prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Her plays have been produced and performed on stage in Los Angeles. A consummate performer, she has appeared in numerous notable television shows, films and plays, acting in a wide range of roles opposite many of Hollywood’s leading actors and has received rave reviews as an actor and director.

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