Rosie Malek-Yonan's The Crimson Field

5/13/2005 5:15:36 AM

International Book Cover Design Competition Calling All Artists

You are invited to participate in a world wide art competition to design the book cover for Rosie Malek-Yonan's The Crimson Field for full details and entry form please visit the book's website at

Competition Deadline: All entries must be received by July II, 2005

She writes:

"I feel blessed that God has given me the arts. I will feel doubly blessed to now give back to my Assyrian people. We must all do our part for our nation. Every one of us from every walk of life. It is especially heartwarming when people take notice of the effort. I am determined to make the western world take notice of The Crimson Field because it is not just my family’s story. It is the story of every Assyrian who survived the bloodshed of ninety years ago. We are one nation. One people. One family. God Bless Assyrians. Rosie"