Support the Assyrian Genocide Monument to be Erected in Fairfield, Australia

1/18/2010 5:33:00 AM
Assyrian Genocide Monument

The Assyrian Universal Alliance (AUA) – Australia Chapter is pleased to announce the commencement of the second phase of its plan to erect the genocide memorial at Fairfield, Australia. We are seeking your support to raise the funds needed to construct this memorial.

The total cost of building this memorial which was unanimously approved by the Fairfield City Council on 15 December 2009 is estimated at AU $70,000.00. We are depending on financial support from the Assyrian communities and our friends worldwide to erect this memorial. We would like every Assyrian to have a share in this work by contributing to the construction of this historic monument.

We will recognize all sponsors and contributors by publishing their names on the AUA website and also in the booklet prepared for the official opening ceremony of the memorial. Donations over AU$1000.00 will be further recognized by presenting them a special certificate of appreciation. All donors who wish to remain anonymous will also receive the certificate of appreciation for their contribution.

A special online bank account has been established under the name of the “Genocide Monument” to facilitate the collection of funds. We encourage our sponsors to send their donations directly to this account established, please refer to the following link:

We thank you again for your generous donation in support of the Assyrian Genocide Monument.

Assyrian Universal Alliance
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Australian Chapter
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