Turkish Denialists Anger Germany

2/14/2006 3:37:45 PM

Turkish Workers' Party leader Dogu Perincek and Rauf Denktas, the former ultra-nationalist Turkish-Cypriot leader, will lead a demonstration in Berlin on March 18 to denounce the recognition of the Armenian Genocide by the German Parliament.

The demonstration announcements which read, 'If Western capitals don't want to be burnt like Paris, unjust treatment towards Turkey should be ended' and "Take your flag and come to Berlin," angered the German Government. German Embassy officials in Ankara held talks with Turkish officials over the issue this week, showing the growing tension in the relations between Turkey and Germany

The initiative of the group is the "Talat Pasha Movement." Talat Pasha was the notorious Ottoman Turkish official and one of the main culprits for the genocide of Turkey's Armenian, Greek and Assyrian populations.

Denktas, the former Turkish-Cypriot leader, is also expected to lay flowers where Talat was assassinated on March 15, 1921 in Berlin and a general assembly to commemorate his memory is scheduled to be held in Berlin on March 19.

Turkey, an overwhelmingly Muslim country, has a long history of Christian and minority persecution. It is believed that between 1912-1923 more than three millions Christians of Armenian, Greek and Assyrian origins were massacred by Ottoman Islamist and Kemalist forces in a state-orchestrated genocide plan.