George Galloway Defends Syrian Christians Against Obama’s Al Qaeda

MP George Galloway, in a moving speech on Press TV defends the Christians of the Maaloula Town in Syria against Al Qaeda forces hired by Obama.

George Galloway is a British politician, writer, and broadcaster, and the Respect Party Member of British Parliament for Bradford West. Mr. Galloway is known as a brave man, who tells the truth no matter what the consequences.

The following is the video and the transcript of Mr. Galloway’s speech.

Video Transcript

You know that stinking hypocrite Obama is frequently seen is churches? Have you seen him creeping Jesus with his hands together praying? Did you see Christianity on his sleeve? Did you know that he used to attend churches in Chicago and sing along all happy clapping for Jesus and for God?

Obama, the Syrian Christian town of Maaloula is on fire this evening. This evening, its ancient Christian churches are on fire. Its priests and its parishioners are being butchered by Al Qaeda, paid by you. Churches in which the language of Jesus Himself is still spoken. The last churches in the world still speaking Aramaic. The language of Jesus are now on fire. The faithful Christians fleeing for their lives and being murdered by Al Qaeda paid for by you, and you are about to become their air force. You are a disgusting hypocrite Obama. You are a liar when you say you are a Christian. You care nothing about Christians. You care nothing about God. You don’t believe in the Prophets (peace be upon them), you just believe in the profits and how to get bigger piece of them from the people that backed you.

…Or you that disgusting hypocrite Obama happy clapping in Christian churches in the United States. Remember this, that the Christians in Syria are being murdered and massacred by Al Qaeda paid for and armed by Britain and the United States, and France, and the other hypocrites, so called Christian leadership in the world.

May God Preserve Maaloula. May God Save as many Christians as can be saved from the infernal which has been launched against them. It’s a beautiful village. I’ve been there. The monastery there is one of the most serene places on the Earth. Actually, the best place in the Arab world to be a Christian is Syria, but these hypocrites in the so called Christian-west don’t give a toss about that.

As I said, their leaders care nothing about the Prophets (peace be upon them), but everything is about the profits and how to get a bigger piece of them.