He Whose Ranks are United in Purpose Will be Victorious - Sun Tzu

5/28/2005 5:43:19 AM

Many intellectuals have left us with meaningful quotes. They have summarized years of education and experience in short sentences to be understood by simplest minds.

In this article, we will focus on what some perceptive people have said about “Unity”. The word “Unity” is one of the most common words used in Assyrian vocabulary these days. Often time, the word is used indiscreetly and recklessly to the point of disgust!

On the surface, most politicians, religious figures, activists, and authors, and even ordinary people call for “Unity” of our nation. But as the famous sportsman, John Trapp said, “Unity without verity (truth) is no better than conspiracy.”

Clearly, there is a need to analyze the true meaning of the word “Unity”. Once “unity” is understood, we must hold accountable those who keep baffling us either to accuse us of ruining “Unity” or to advice us to seek it!

Definition of “Unity”: Unity is the state or quality of being one, single, whole, or the same. Its description is non-multiple. The parameters of “Unity” are being in accord; harmony. Unification is the combination or arrangement of parts into a whole. Last, but not least, the essence of “Unity” is an unreduced or unbroken completeness or totality.

After a close look at the definition of “Unity”, it becomes necessary to question our politicians, religious figures, authors, and ordinary people on their actions and behavior. Depending on the response we receive, if we receive any, then, and only then, we can determine if they truly mean what they claim. Remember, in “Unity” there are no buts, ifs, and excuses. The great Mahatma Gandhi said, “Unity to be real must stand the severest strain without breaking.”

The actions and behaviors of some who claim working toward “Unity”, mainly the continuing bargains in the mall of identity auctions, have demonstrated anything but true Unity for the Assyrians. The Assyrian name is the only legitimate name that stands the test of time and history. It is the only name that is in alignment with the definition of “Unity”. It is the one and only that gives us the quality of being one, single, whole, or the same. Any other man-made denominational or fabricated name takes us to the virtue of alienation; just the opposite of “Unity”.

It is the preservation and protection of our true historical identity as Assyrians that gives us the singleness or constancy of purpose or action; not compromising our very basic values or core of our existence! Unification into one single identity will give us the power to regain our rights. The legendary Greek Fabulist, Aesop said,” In union there is strength.”

Imagine a team of soccer players in which each player seeks his own glory, even if it means adding to the scores of the other team by kicking the ball in his own team’s goal gate! The great football coach, Paul Bear Bryant said, “In order to have a winner, the team must have a feeling of unity; every player must put the team first-ahead of personal glory.”

The most significant barrier to “Unity” is “Trust”. We are a nation that has lost trust in our own abilities, power, history, and even Creator!

We have learned to be wary of our governments, especially in the Middle East because most crimes against us were committed by the governments.

We distrust some of our politicians when they became the backward soccer player whose goal is a winning score for the opposite team. Such politicians’ actions deprived us of our proper representation in Iraqi parliament. Those who worked hard to accomplish our enemies’ mission by convincing us that giving up our ancient name will protect us from becoming a small number, to which John Trapp says,” Better to be pruned to grow than cut up to burn.”

We are suspicious of some of our religious leaders when they either destroy our ancient “Unity” under one name, or fail to practice what they preach. Those who failed to live up to their own famous speech and their own belief by neither participating, nor encouraging the general public to take part in the January 2005 elections. A purple index finger would have made a much more effective statement than any speech!

We are doubtful of some of our activists when they forgot their loyalty to their people; instead became paid agents who function as an organized gang cartel.

We are skeptic of some of our authors when they use their weapon (pen) to falsify history and defend the traders and enemies of this nation. Yet, they have the nerve to publish books glorifying the Assyrian name for their personal profit. Those who have been compromising their father’s Assyrian identity but suddenly now use emotional sales pitches saying, “I had to sale my father’s house to publish this book, won’t you please buy it?” The repulsive manipulators who have divided their daily hours shifting from one identity to the other, only so they, like leeches can attach themselves to whoever is holding the winning card at the end. Those who breeched the ethical duties of authorship!

We have even lost trust in some ordinary people because to them unity means supporting your tribesmen, blindly. Those who deny their own rights, forbid others from questioning their tribesmen’s motives, and deny official news from the homeland. Twisting and turning facts around has become a common practice among some Assyrian tribes.

Disappointment reek off the walls of our national structure, yet the cure is so simple that evades us! Acknowledgment of our ancestry roots and supporting those who from every walk of life, be it political or religious, fight to protect our heritage, will result in restoration of our “Trust”, therefore, reinstate our “Unity”.

As the oldest Christians on earth, we must follow the teachings of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Like Him, we must not hesitate to hold our religious leaders accountable. Like him we must seek the truth to be set free. We must not fear voicing the truth, demanding our national and political rights, and protecting our Holy name “Ashurayeh”. Like Jesus we must not doubt our Father’s promises. Jesus never asked us to unite with Satan! He never expected His apostles to unite with the one Yhuda who betrayed Him! Neither should our religious leaders advise us to unite with those few whose betrayal is as clear as the daylight, and who keep selling us to the highest bidders.

Those who have understood the true meaning of “Unity” and have faith in God, are rising to the occasion and welcome our single most important independent project, The Assyrian National Referendum. Those Assyrians who cherish the memory of their ancestors, and love their children enough to secure a future for them are completing the Referendum forms without hesitation. This project is the best thing we have going for us in this day and age. It is the one single action that will heal our tired souls and our injured national pride, and will unite all the segments of our nation once again.

The Assyrian National Referendum will prove to us and our neighbors our true faith in God, and all His plans and promises to our nation, despite His expectation of us to endure the pain of carrying our own cross!

Long Live Assyria