Hojjat-ul- Islam Seyyed Hasan Khaomeini: Talibanism & Zionism of the Same Origin

6/2/2005 6:00:11 AM

Tehran, IQNA: June 2, 2005—Talibanisiam and Zionism stem from religious extremism and have the same origin.

Grandson of the late leader, Hojjat-ul- Islam Seyyed Hasan Khaomeini in a gathering of Iranian Zoroastrian, Assyrian, Armenian and Jewish community communities in Jamaran mosque which was coincided with the late Imam's 16th departure anniversary said religious extremism blinds eyes on various common grounds and leads to denial of other religions.

Referring to commonalities religions have he pointed out monotheism and national identity is what all Iranians have in common. He added what religions have in common is far more than their differences and one should capitalize on these commonalities to avoid discord.

The late Imam's grandson opined that the essence of all religions is living beautifully, dying peacefully and everlasting prosperity, and that the main objective of all religions is to bring spirituality into man's material life.