International Book Cover Competition Winner

7/19/2005 9:04:48 PM
David Daryawish the International Book Cover Competition winner - The Crimson Field

Rosie Malik-Yonan, the author of The Crimson Field announced the winner of her International Book Cover Competition.

David Daryawish, a twenty-six-year-old Assyrian artist born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada is the winner of this competition.

Among his many achievements as an artist almost all his life, David is a proud young Assyrian. His love and respect for his Assyrian identity was his main reason to enter the competition to give back to his community. He has mentioned that winning this competition would mean the world to him, and believes, “Our Assyrian story deserves it”.

Upon receiving the much anticipated congratulatory phone call from Rosie Malik-Yonan, David admitted he was so happy he was shaking. He plans to work on a complimentary portrait of Rosie-Malik-Yonan in oils as a thank you gift for being selected as the winner.

Rosie Malik-Yonan expresses her appreciation to all the Assyrian websites, organizations and television programs which carried the message of the competition and contributed to its success.

AssyriaTimes would like to take this opportunity to congratulate David Daryawish on his success and wish him many more achievements in the future. We also like to thank Rosie Malik-Yonan for writing this fantastic book and providing the Assyrian artists the opportunity to participate in bringing the message of the Assyrian sufferings to the world.

In its commitments to support this great project, AssyriaTimes carried the announcement of the competition on its banner since the beginning of the competition. Viewers of AssyriaSat, after the presentation of the Malik family legacy and the introduction of Rosie Malik-Yonan’s many achievements as an artist during its Good Morning Assyria Program, await Rosie’s appearance on AssyriaSat within the next two months once Rosie takes her tour after the release of her book.