Iraqi Baath Member Still Operates in U.S.

6/7/2006 3:54:36 AM

Will the U.S government ever crack down on the remnants of Baath regime still operating in the U.S? This is a pressing question on the mind of the indigenous people of Iraq, the Assyrian Americans.

Upon the request of AssyriaSat and Assyrian National Congress, the Assyrians of Diaspora are mass mailing communiqués to the U.S. State Department and Iraqi embassies around the world to reject and show their opposition to newly planned tactics by the ChaldoAssyrianSuryani denomination. This new denomination and its ridiculous name is created by a high ranking Baath member of today’s Iraqi Parliament, Mr. Yonadam Kanna.

“We the undersigned Assyrians are in support of the present Iraqi Government in its quest to bring about a united, pluralistic, and democratic Iraq in which the national and human rights of the Assyrian people are granted.

Assyrians are the indigenous people of Bet-Nahrain (present day Iraq) and deserve an administrative region to preserve their over 10,000 year old heritage and language, which incidentally, is a crucial part of both the origins of Christianity and Civilization.

We oppose the activities of certain elements in our community who have been instructed by Mr. Yonadam Kanna, the chief of Al-Rafedain slate, to demonstrate against the Iraqi Government because he was denied a seat in the newly elected government of Mr. Nuri Al-Maliki. Mr. Kana’s name appeared last year as a high ranking Baath agent in the lists of the de-Baathification Commission.

Mr. Kanna and his faction certainly do not represent the Assyrian people.”

Mr. Kanna, under a presidential pardon by President Talabani is temporarily holding a seat in Baghdad. In the last three years, Mr. Kanna, under the pretense of representing the Assyrians in Iraq has done nothing but bring division among the Assyrians and damage to their political rights. His dictator political party, the Assyrian Democratic Movement (ADM, also known as Zowwa) has been oppressing the Assyrians with threats and aggressiveness inside and outside of Iraq ever since the fall of Saddam.

The common knowledge among the Assyrians is that ADM’s notorious Baathy leader, Kanna, now wounded by the fact that he is no longer welcomed in the northern Iraq and the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) is organizing and moving his paid supporters in the U.S to carry out certain tasks against KRG. The appointment of five Assyrians to the Baghdad and KRG Parliament has forced egoistic Kanna to realize he is no longer acknowledged as a legitimate political individual. The problem is that ADM continues to mislead the world into thinking it is representing the Assyrians. Despite the rejection of the Assyrian people, ADM continues to impose itself upon the people and vigorously claim to speak on their behalf. In December 2005 elections, out of 400,000 eligible Assyrian voters, only 18,000 voted for Mr. Kanna, yet he claims his slate was elected by the majority of the Assyrians!

The long suffering Assyrians are a peaceful Christian people who have been struggling to obtain their national and political rights in their homeland. But, Mr. Kanna and his party, ADM, betrayed the Assyrian Cause by attempting to change their ancient Holy name to a mere religious denominational name of ChaldoAssyrianSyriani. This name is as absurd as calling the American identity as “CatholicBaptistEvangelical”. Under Talabani’s instructions, Mr. Kanna did not once ask for the rights of the Assyrian people. In fact, he was the only member of the transitional government that held the Transitional Administrative Law (TAL) above his head and danced the victory dance. Mindless of the fact that TAL denied the indigenous Assyrians of any national and political rights in Iraq.

Mr. Kanna and ADM carried out Talabani’s ethnocide policy against the Assyrians during the last three years. Now that Kanna does not hold any seat in KRG under the leadership of Mr. Barzani, he cries about Kurdish oppression of the Assyrians. He is not and has never been concerned about the fate of the Assyrian people, as long as he holds a seat in a parliament.

Saddam’s goal and the mission of his agent Mr. Kanna were to cut the link between the Assyrians of today with their ancestors who created the “Cradle of Civilizations” and the great Assyrian Empire. According to our sources, two weeks ago, after three years, in its political bureau meeting, ADM decided to go back in using the Assyrian name, for a little while until they carry out their plans against KRG. Hoping the use of the Assyrian true national identity will earn them some supporters. But, the Assyrian people have long given up on Kanna and ADM. The majority of the Assyrians, young and old, male and female refer to Kanna as “traitor” and the “Judah of the 21st Century.”

Through their faxes and e-mails to Iraqi embassies and the U.S. State Department, the Assyrians declare once again they do not support ADM and its leader, Mr. Kanna.

The Assyrians will try to reach an agreement with KRG in regards to establishment of an Assyrian Federal state in the heart of Assyria (northern Iraq) through their five newly appointed Assyrian ministers. Any actions taken by Kanna and ADM are not supported by the Assyrian nation.

Younadam Kanna's Baath Information: