Iraq's Minister of Science and Technology

4/29/2005 6:05:00 AM

Iraq’s National Assembly released the list of Cabinet members to form the new Iraqi government. Ms. Basima Yousif Potrus seems to be an independent candidate who is appointed to the Ministry of Science and Technology in the new Parliament.

Once again a temporary government is being formed in Iraq, and Assyrians, the indigenous people of the land have no part in the political, economical, and financial future of Iraq. In a true democracy, the top jobs of Presidency, Prime Ministry, and Deputy Prime Ministry would be divided equally among the few ethnicities of Iraq, Assyrians, Arabs, Kurds, and Turkmen. Ministries such as Transportation, immigration and now Science and Technology are not positions which will gain the long suppressed Assyrian national and political rights

Contrary to some false reports, Ms. Basima Yousif Potrus was neither a candidate of the slate 204, nor represents the Assyrian people.

List of Candidates for The Iraqi National Assembly

Today’s disappointing news of lack of Assyrian representation in the Iraqi government serves yet another reason why the Assyrian National Referendum project is so important. We need to show to the Iraqi parliament and the United Nations that we will no longer tolerate being patted on the shoulder and cast to a single seat in the far corner of the Cabinet. We have every right to be recognized by our ethnic name just like the Arabs, Kurds and Turks are, and we are more than entitled to hold top positions in the country we so generously share with our invader neighbors.