Islamic Jihad in Europe blows away Turkey’s dream of admittance to EU

11/11/2005 4:38:38 AM

The tidal waves of rioting in France which now is spreading across Europe, i.e., Belgium and Germany has pushed the European countries into a reality check to ever considering Turkey’s admittance to the European Union.

As much as Turkey has tried in the past to cleverly attach itself to Europe, she can not deny her black history of massacres and genocides against the Christian Assyrians during the World War I and World War II. Then too, an Islamic Jihad was declared by the Turkish Moulas (clergies) which basically gave a license to kill the Assyrians to any Muslim. Promises of 70 Virgins, waiting in heaven to welcome those who participated in Jihad, encouraged all Turkish males, young and old to kill hundreds of thousands of Assyrians. Turkey was determined to totally eliminate the oldest nation on earth.

Other Christians in Turkey, the Armenians and Greeks were also the victims of Turkey’s brutal atrocities. The only difference is the massacres of the Armenians and Greeks stopped after the World War II, but the Assyrians are still victims of the atrocities of Islamic Jihads in the Middle Eastern countries, especially in the heartland of Assyria (today’s Northern Iraq). Today, Kurds (also Muslims of the Middle East) brutalize the Assyrians in their own ancient land under the watchful eyes of the Western Christian countries.

Hopefully, now that the true color of Islam is brightened by the fire of thousands of burning vehicles in the riots, the European countries would open their eyes and completely deny Turkey’s request, or at least force her into a historical confession of its ugly past. The European parliaments must acknowledge the genocides of the Assyrians, now that they so vividly experience what Islamic Jihad is capable of.