Kanno is Being Endorsed by Catholic Assyrian Church of the East’s Bishop

10/29/2006 6:16:00 PM

His Grace Mar Meelis Zaia announced via a letter to the Assyrians of California’s 18th Congressional District that he proudly endorses John Kanno for U.S. Congress. In his letter written on October 24, 2006, H.G. Mar Meelis values the capabilities and the greatness of John Kanno. Mar Meelis is also emphasizing on the great beauty of the multi-cultural society that America is. “The harbor and refuge for millions who have come to this great country seeking solace and comfort.” he calls it.

H.G. Meelis Zaia is the Bishop of Australia Diocese of the Holy Apostolic Catholic Assyrian Church of the East and the Secretary of the Holy Synod.

Beloved fellow Assyrians

I am pleased to endorse the candidacy of John Kanno for the 18th Congressional District. John is an astute politician who knows the needs and concerns of the citizens living in his district. I am certain that he can aptly represent them and bring their concerns before the U.S. Congress as a genuine statesman who cares for his people.

What's more, the fact that John is a loyal Assyrian who is genuinely involved in the concerns of his Assyrian people and in addressing Assyrian issues, this is an added advantage to the great, multi-cultural face of America--the harbor and refuge for millions who have come to this great country seeking solace and comfort. It is of paramount importance that the Assyrians of the United States have able politicians in Congress, and John will definitely be able represent the citizens in his district without bias. He is also able to represent his constituents in an able manner. All in all, John Kanno is the most suitable candidate for the job, a fact for which I take great pride in.

Mar Meelis Zaia
Bishop Assyrian Church of the East
October 24, 2006