KBSV Channel 23 on DirecTV Satellite Network

4/27/2005 7:14:06 AM

AssyriaVision KBSV Channel 23 is now broadcasting in 5 more California cities on the local cable. ComCast cable’s expansion went into effect on April 5, 2005 benefiting the cities of Newman, Crowslanding, Grayson, Patterson, and Merced.

In addition, AssyriaVision will soon be added to the DirecTV Satellite Network, as per FCC’s regulation for “must carry channels”.

AssyriaVision encourages residents of other U.S cities and States to draw a petition requesting their local cable companies to add the AssyriaVision KBSV channel 23’s signal to their cable.

The staff of AssyriaVision and AssyriaSat will not rest until every Assyrian in the world has access to this educational media which protects, preserves, and promotes the Assyrian identity, language, culture, and values, as well as defends the Assyrians’ human, national, and political rights in Iraq and Diaspora.