Lina Yakubova Displays Syria in a Fascinating Documentary

10/7/2006 9:12:00 AM
Ancestral Home, produced and written by Lina Yakubova

Unfolding a timeless and fascinating story, the land known as Syria presents a unique microcosm of the greater drama of human struggle for survival and supremacy. Presented in three parts, “Ancestral Home” is a documentary film that traces the story of Assyrian inhabitants of this land from the times of the mighty Assyrian empire through the days of magnificence of Palmyra in Roman times right down to modern day life. The story of Christianity is told through Syria’s glorious and ancient cathedrals, churches and monasteries with their learned saints and scholars.

“Ancestral Home” unravels the inseparable connection of Assyrian people to this land all the way to their 20th century migration to the region of Khabur in eastern Syria. It celebrates their customs and folklore and illustrates their socioeconomic, political, and religious lives while bringing to fore the larger Assyrian struggle for national awareness, identity, and recognition.

Produced and written by:Lina Yakubova
Directed by:Artak Avdalyan
Duration:95 min
Production:Ikar production
Film Sponsored by:Assyrian Universal Alliance Foundation Chicago, IL, USA
Grand Opening:October 8, 2006 Chicago, IL