List containing 170 names banned from elections released in Iraq

12/8/2005 3:54:23 AM

A list containing 170 names of nominees banned from participating in the upcoming Iraqi elections was released on Tuesday here.

The list included names of Iraqi officials, politicians, and members of current electoral lists running for the elections.

The National Authority for Debaathification presented the list to the Iraqi National Assembly and the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC).

Executive Director of the national authority Faisal Allami told Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) that the IEC should follow necessary procedures toward these names, or the national authority will inform the current Iraqi National Assembly and press charges at the federal court.

He added that the authority is responsible for releasing the names of those included the Baath removal program, noting that it announces the names of those who are not allowed to nominate themselves during the nomination period in accordance with the state management law for the interim period.

Among the names included in the list are Adnan Al-Janabi, Rasim Al-Awadi, Saad Asem Al-Janabi, Jasem Al-Halafi, Sumaya Khudr Abbas, and Mu'ed Mezher, who are all members of the Iraqi National Accord list led by Iyad Allawi. The list also included former Defense Minister Hazem Al-Shalan, and nominees of the Iraqi Coalition Front Abdulwahhab Al-Qassab, Adnan Abdulkarim Hameed, and Mohammad Zainulabidin, in addition to other names from other electoral lists.

Allami noted that the authority will issue more similar lists in the near future, as the IEC does not send the names of the nominees in one list.

On the authority's standards in classifying names, Allami said that the authority has an information database that includes all military, intelligence, and security authorities' officers, in addition to party groups and documents that prove membership of the dissolved Baath party.

He denied the use of any information provided by any political party or electoral list against members of other electoral lists. (end) mhg.