Meet Miss World Canada 2005, Ramona Amiri

12/8/2005 4:24:34 AM

Twenty-four-old Ramona Amiri was born and grew up in Montreal. She moved to Vancouver in 1997 to attend University. She has an Honours Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology, and is currently working as a Medical Research Assistant Ramona is half Assyrian from her father's side of the family.

Why did you decide to enter the Miss World Canada contest this year?

I entered the Miss World Canada contest to be part of an organization that was humanitarian based. I have always enjoyed helping others through volunteer work, research positions and as a medical assistant.

As Miss World Canada 2005, I have been very involved in fundraising and charity events and I‘m looking forward to continue making a difference by devoting my life to helping others as a physician.

You were one of the top fundraisers in the charity component of the national contest. What's your secret to getting people to open their pockets to support 'Beauty With A Purpose'?

This year the charity of choice was the Canadian Cancer Society. Since literally tens of thousands of people are suffering from this disease, everyone knows someone close to their heart who is/was affected by it.

That being said, it wasn‘t hard for people to open up and give generously to a cause that they are so deeply touched by. Plus, I had a blast raising this money!

You've mentioned that you're very proud of your Assyrian heritage. Describe that culture for us, and say something in the Assyrian language.

The Assyrians are a very ancient civilization originating 7,500 years ago. Now, they are considered to be on the verge of extinction and have no country to call their own.

The Assyrian people are scattered throughout the world with the bulk of their population being in Iran and Iraq, where the empire once stood. They are Christians of somatic race and have their distinct foods, traditions, dances and language. “Shlama all chulokhun!” (Peace be on you all!)

Miss World 2005 is shaping up to be the biggest and best event ever put together. With over 110 other contestants, it’s going to be a great competition. Who do you consider to be the big favorites?

I agree that it is going to be a great competition. I think everyone is someone‘s favourite and it‘s a matter of personal taste. All of the woman have an equal chance and they are already winners for making it this far. I can‘t wait to meet everyone and see an amazing range of beauty from all the continents, well, except Antarctica!

What are you most looking forward to about your trip China?

I have never been outside of North America (except for one trip to Iran when I was 12 years of age) and I‘m extremely excited to tour China and learn about the history. I am definitely looking forward to visiting some of the most fantastic wonders of the world!

Canada has now won Miss Universe twice, but we still haven't brought home the Miss World crown. What do you think is essential that a Miss World should possess, and do you have it?

In my opinion a Miss World should possess a beautiful heart. She must be sincere, genuine, warm, dedicated and at the same time be strong and hard-working. I believe I have these qualities, and I hope to show them to the judges in Sanya.

Canada finished second in Miss World just two years ago after a nearly fifteen year of dry spell. Do you think you can bring home the title?

I would love to bring home the first Miss World title for Canada! I will do my very best and I will represent my country with pride and honour, and leave the rest up to the world to decide. And here‘s hoping that Canada can be the first country in five years to win Miss Universe and Miss World!

Who are some of the delegates you are most looking forward to meeting at Miss World, and why?

I am excited to meet all the beautiful delegates! Each will be unique, representing the beauty, the culture, the language and traditions of their own country.